Blue Fox Theater

Blue Fox Theater’s marquee expresses both sadness and hope. The Main Street theater is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus threat.

All Lewis Clark State College local enrichment classes are canceled/postponed until after June 1. The outreach will be open only for testing LCSC students. To schedule for a testing appointment, e-mail


Note: -- Idaho County Recycling, Grangeville Center, will be closed until further notice. For questions call River Phillips, manager, at 208-451-4616.


All Idaho Department of Labor services are currently available on-line or by phone only.

File for unemployment insurance online at or get help with your application by calling 208- 332-8942.

Locally, for specific questions call Sara Espeland, supervisor, Idaho Department of Labor, at 208-799-5000 ext. 3789 or e-mail


The Department of Health and Welfare office (Camas Resource Center) on South C Street in Grangeville is temporarily closed to the public. There is signage posted directing people what phone numbers they can call for assistance.  All food stamp and Medicaid questions need to be referred to 1-877-456-1233.   


Governor Little has extended the 2019 Idaho income tax filing and payment deadline from April 15 to June 15. The extension applies to all taxpayers – including individuals, businesses, and entities – regardless of the amount owed. The federal income tax deadline has bene extended to July 15.


How has the outbreak of COVID-19 affected you and your family? It’s interesting how a crisis such as this has ripple effects, even if we may not specifically know anyone who has the virus.

For our family, of course it’s been crazy in the newsroom. Every e-mail, phone call, text and Facebook message, it seems, is about coronavirus in some way. Information is so fluid that it literally changes moment to moment.

It has also affected my daughters. Youngest, Hailey, is off work until at least March 27, perhaps longer. She works for Nike in Meridian and Nike has currently shut down all its stores. Now that they are closed, employees are receiving base pay for any hours scheduled.

Daughter, Avery, works for an investor in Eagle, and they are only accepting orders of any type outside their office door. Even though there are only two people in her office, they decided to close the doors for a week at this time.

Daughter, Elizabeth, is a registered nurse (labor and delivery; nurse educator) in Vermont. For the past few weeks, she has spent most of her time – 12-- hour days – training on ventilator use. Alternative ventilators (old-school) as there are not enough of the modern ventilators. Her hospital does drive-up coronavirus testing and they currently have several patients with the virus.

The bonus for us was to have Avery and Hailey home for a few days. It was strange to practice physical distancing and not go shopping or out to eat, but Avery and I made homemade hand sanitizer and then baked and cooked – peanut butter cookies, enchiladas, baklava and more.

If you want to share your story with me on how what is going on is affecting you and your family, e-mail

* recently announced its rankings of the richest states in the U.S. In contrast to other reports, many of which use minimalistic approaches for ranking wealth (e.g., sorting by median household income), the Richest States Report utilizes a holistic approach that measures several variables to determine the financial standing of a state.

Top five richest states in the US are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Alaska and New Jersey. Idaho comes it at number 47.

See details and the full list of rankings:

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