Thanks to a Grangeville parent who donated a $9,000 kiln to the Grangeville schools arts program. Mr. Phillips said the fully automatic and programmable kiln will replace the 50-year-old-one that's been in use for the last five years or so. Awesome!


Mark your calendars for next Saturday, Dec. 14, 4 to 7 p.m., at The Pizza Factory in Grangeville. The public is invited to a Family Christmas Ornament Party and fund-raiser event. The evening of ornament making and Santa visiting is free with donations accepted for the local food bank.


Looking for a place to get a good picture with Santa? Try this Friday, Dec. 6, 5 to 7 p.m., at The Habit in Cottonwood, 406 King Street. St. Mary’s Hospital is sponsoring this fun event. Pictures will be e-mailed after Dec. 7.


Don’t forget to buy tickets for the annual Grangeville Volunteer Fire Department raffle. Tickets are available at Bettie’s Floors, B&B Bargain, from any firefighter and will also be for sale this Saturday at the Grangeville craft fair. Tickets are a $5 donation. The drawing is set for Dec. 9 and a lot of great prizes are available.


Road signs are a part of our daily lives that most drivers barely think about, letting them go by on the side of the road without a second thought. Given how little attention we pay to road signs, just how well do most people retain their knowledge about what both common and more obscure signs mean? The team at Yonkers Honda wanted to put drivers to the test, so they surveyed more than 2,000 drivers from across the country and had them take an online road sign test.

Here are some of the findings:

•Idaho drivers surveyed passed at a rate of 100 percent. They are in the company of Alaska, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachussetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

•Tennessee led the way with the highest failure rate (25 percent). On the failure side after Tennessee, Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana, Florida, Michigan and Mississippi.

•Drivers 51 and older passed the test at the highest rate and had the highest average score, followed by the teens.


I just read an article that states we are running out of sand. The BBC writing said sand is “one of the 21st Century’s most important, but least appreciated, commodities.” I had no idea.

In part, the Nov. 17, 2019, article by Vince Beiser reads: “Trivial though it may seem, sand is a critical ingredient of our lives. It is the primary raw material that modern cities are made from. The concrete used to construct shopping malls, offices, and apartment blocks, along with the asphalt we use to build roads connecting them, are largely just sand and gravel glued together. The glass in every window, windshield, and smart phone screen is made of melted-down sand. And even the silicon chips inside our phones and computers – along with virtually every other piece of electronic equipment in your home – are made from sand.”


There is a lot going on in our big county, little communities, this month. Do not miss checking out these items under “Holiday Happenings” in the community section or log onto to see the entire calendar of events.

And don’t forget to enter the 4 Weeks of Sweeps! There are tons of great prizes and you have through Dec. 13 at 5 p.m. to enter. Look at the Holiday Showcase special edition in this week’s paper and see all the code words to enter (or go on-line to find them) and enter away! Winners will be announced Dec. 18.

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