KAMIAH — Kamiah Joint School District 304 will make an attempt again this year to pass a levy.

The board is asking voters March 8 to approve a one year $133,350 school plant facilities reserve fund levy. This is meant to be used solely to replace a leaking roof at Kamiah Middle School.

Unlike a supplemental levy which only requires a simple majority to pass, a facilities levy must obtain an approval of at least 55 percent to pass.

In the past, levies have not been successful at Kamiah.

“The bedrock every society and community is built upon is its education system,” said Kamiah parent Robert Millage. “While I don’t believe in writing school districts a blank check backed with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars, I do believe we shouldn’t skimp on funding our schools. While voting down a school levy may save you a few hundred dollars on your property taxes, studies have showed a failing school system can cost you more than 25 percent in property value, not to mention all the social costs associated with under-educated youth. And a proper education isn’t limited to math and reading.

“In the modern world our children need every diversified skill set to compete for jobs when they graduate,” Millage continued. “Along with education, sports and extracurricular activities are just as important, as that’s where our children learn to be well-rounded human beings, learn the value of teamwork and overcome adversity — how to lose and still keep trying without giving up, which in my opinion is the most important of all life lessons. I for one support our schools and the funding they need to operate at a level on par with other school districts. I also challenge everyone who supports the school levy to pay their levy tax whether the current one passes or not, as many have done during the past year.”

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