Gov. Little pushes broadband improvements to rural communities in State of State address

Idaho Capitol Building

BOISE — Traveling slow in the left lane on interstates in Idaho may soon result in a fine.

A bill to make impeding traffic for “an unreasonable amount of time” on controlled access highways, like interstates and freeways, an infraction was approved for consideration by a House panel Jan. 30.

It was proposed by Rep. Lance Clow, R-Twin Falls, who successfully proposed a bill last session to allow people to go over 15 miles per hour over the speed limit while passing.

Clow called this follow-up bill a “legislative courtesy.”

“We can see this happen quite happen,” he said. “It might be a motor home or somebody pulling a fifth wheel. They get on a hill and they don’t want to go 80 and so it takes them forever to go around them so it impedes traffic.”

The committee had no debate on the proposal, and the only comment from members was from Rep. Phylis King, D-Boise, who moved to introduce the legislation. She jokingly said, “and I want to make the fine a thousand dollars,” though she did not make a motion to modify the bill.

The bill must be approved by the committee following a public hearing.

– Kyle Pfannenstiel covers the 2018 Idaho Legislature for the University of Idaho McClure Center for Public Policy Research.

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