$76.9M in proposed ITD projects for Idaho County region in seven-year plan

A view eastward along U.S. Highway 12 alongside the Middle Fork of the Clearwater River.

Nearly $77 million in highway, bridge and airport projects within Idaho County are being proposed as part of the Idaho Transportation Department’s draft seven-year “roadmap” for planning and developing transportation projects.

Deadline is July 30 for public comment on these proposals and the overall Idaho Transportation Investment Program (ITIP) FY2019-25 draft involving projects across the state.

The draft ITIP document lists projects by highway route and location, identifies projected years for right-of-way acquisition, preliminary engineering, construction and estimated project costs. It also lists local

construction projects that are federally funded.

View the draft ITIP and interactive map online: www.itd.idaho.gov/funding/?target=draft-itip.

Within the draft, 25 highway projects are proposed within Idaho County, comprising the bulk — $75,909,000 – of work within the seven-year plan. Breaking out the top five – which are all resurfacing, restoration and rehabilitation projects – are as follows:

Additional proposed projects include bridge restoration on US12 at Fish Creek, Maggie Creek, on US95 at Hat Creek and Shebang Creek; culvert replacement on Sally Ann Road; and fish passage projects at Whiskey Creek on U.S. Highway 14 and Big Smith Creek on US12.

Within municipal districts, Ferdinand is proposed for a northbound passing lane on US95, FY2024-25; Riggins would receive ADA ramps, FY 2020; and the Grangeville Truck Route would receive a turnbay, FY 2021.

For aeronautics projects in Idaho County, an estimated $1,028,000 in work is planned at the Cottonwood and Idaho County airports from 2019 to 2022. The Cottonwood Airport is proposed to receive $198,000 in FY2020 for taxi lanes, runway and apron rehabilitation. Work at the Idaho County Airport in Grangeville would start in 2019 with $400,000 for taxi lanes, runway and apron rehabilitation; $30,000 in taxi lanes rehabilitation in 2020; and another $400,000 in 2022 to install fencing and acquire snow removal equipment.

All comments on the draft will be reviewed after July 30. After approval by the Idaho Transportation Board, the ITIP is submitted to the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Transit Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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