Many elected positions are open; however, few people have filed to run for these offices.

Deadline is this Friday, Sept. 6, to file petitions of candidacy to run for office in the Nov. 5 election. Filings are done with clerks of the respective districts.

Here’s how the filings stand, as of press time Tuesday morning, as per the Idaho County Elections Office.

School Boards

For Mt. View School District 244, Melissa Kaschmitter (zone 1) and Norma Staaf (zone 2). Zone 4 – no filings.

For Salmon River Joint School District 243, John W. Pottenger (zone 1). Zone 2 and 3 – no filings

No filings have been made for Cottonwood Joint School District 242 zones 3 and 4; and for Kamiah Joint School District 304 zones 2, 3 and 5.

City Council

Grangeville: Amy Farris and Michael Peterson have filed; three four-year-term council seats open.

Riggins: Bill Sampson and Brady J. Clay have filed; two four-year-term council seats are open.

No filings have been made in Ferdinand (mayor; council, 2 four-year and 1 two-year terms), Cottonwood (council, 1 two-year and 2 four-year terms), Kooskia (mayor; council, 2 four-year terms), White Bird (council, 1 four-year, 1 two-year), and Stites (council, 2 four-year terms).

Cemetery Districts

Clearwater: Rick McLean (one seat open); Grangeville: John J. Lamb (one seat); White Bird: Bonner Brumley and Donald Sickels (two seats); Woodland: Donald Pitcher (two seats).

No fillings for open positions in Cottonwood (two seats), Ferdinand (one seat), Kamiah (two seats), Keuterville (one seat), Pine Grove (two seats), Riggins (two seats), and Winona (two seats).

Fire Districts

Cottonwood Rural: Don Spencer, Jr. (two seats); Kamiah Rural: Bill Wilkinson, zone 2, and Dave Summers, zone 1 (two seats).

No filings in Grangeville rural (one seat) and Harpster Rural (two seats).

Recreation District

White Bird Recreation District: Gloria Dawson Teats, zone 3 (one seat).


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