Prop 2 votes

A screen capture of the Idaho Policy Institute’s new online interactive map, showing details for Idaho County as regards votes in favor for 2018’s Proposition 2 vote.

While the state’s vote for Proposition 2 – Medicaid expansion – is old news, how those ballots fell at the precinct level within counties has been broken out in a new interactive map recently released by the Idaho Policy Institute (IPI).

Housed within Boise State University’s School of Public Service, IPI has published its map – accessible to the public online -- containing precinct-level results of ballot measures from the 2018 election.

According to IPI, prior maps of the 2018 election have been limited to results by county and legislative district. Precinct maps provide more local detail, since the state is divided into hundreds of precincts. Precinct boundaries often shift between elections, making maps of this detail rare and difficult to construct.

“This precinct map represents the preferences of Idahoans at the most granular level, where decisions often matter the most,” said Greg Hill, director of the Idaho Policy Institute. “IPI is excited to make this tool available. We feel that the more information decision-makers and the public have access to, the better informed those decisions will be.”

On the map, users can hover over a precinct to see the location description, voting results and total number of ballots cast. Users have the option to look at election data across the state or select counties to focus on a specific region.

How did Idaho County’s precincts sort out in the Prop. 2 vote?

From the data, only two – Riggins and Grangeville 2 – had a marginal pass rate at 53.70 and 53.42 percent, respectively, and were among six that fell within the 50-percent range in favor. Eleven precincts were in the 40-percent range, eight in the 30 percent and two in the 20s: Woodland at 22.13 percent and Glover at 26.38 percent.

Idaho County had a 70.29 percent voter turnout in the 2018 general election with 58 percent of voters – 4,101 -- in opposition to Prop. 2.

IPI plans on expanding its collection of maps showing data on elections, policy and other Idaho-related issues.

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