KOOSKIA — “I have been thinking a lot about this since the last meeting,” Mountain View School District board chair Lot Smith addressed a crowd of about 35 at the board meeting Aug. 20, which included about a dozen educators. “I hope you take this in the spirit it is intended.”

Smith went on to say that in the previous year’s negotiations the board may have made mistakes but “there was never intent to do anyone harm.”

“There were unforeseen circumstances and I apologize for ill feelings. What we did last year was what we felt was the best we could do at the time,” Smith said.

This came following Mike Dominguez questioning a suggested 3 percent salary increase for administrators.

“I’m not sure I feel good about this when we asked teachers to stand still last year,” he said.

Business manager Becky Hogg said the one-time $1,944 to teachers last year addressed this at the time.

“Well, I would be OK more along the lines of 2 percent this year – which I know isn’t even COLA [cost of living allowance],” Smith said.

“I agree we need to look at everyone and see what’s equitable,” said vice-chair Brad Lutz.

Non-certified wages were discussed with Dominguez advocating for raising those earnings.

“I think we’re substantially lower than other districts,” he said.

Only the three trustees – Smith, Lutz and Dominguez – were present at the meeting held at Clearwater Valley High School.

The three voted unanimously to give a 2 percent increase to administrators and a 5 percent increase to non-certified employees.

During public input session, Central Idaho Education president and CV teacher Char McKinney thanked Smith for his apology and said, “I hope we can move on from here.”

CV teacher Joe Tosten also thanked the board for their public service; however, he said he would like to see “more solutions” to the current situation.

Negotiations for MVSD are set to continue Oct. 2.

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