Voters decide issues, candidates next Tuesday


With about 35 percent voter turnout, Mountain View School District passed its $3,090,048 levy, the largest ever, by simple majority Tuesday, March 13.

MVSD saw 1,081 yes votes to 954 no votes for a total of 2,035 votes, or 53 percent in favor of the levy. In 2017, the levy passed by 52 percent.

Votes were canvassed by the Idaho County Commission Tuesday, March 20, and clerk Kathy Ackerman said there were no changes.

Answering for a 13-ballot discrepancy in the number of ballots cast (2,048) and the total number of yes and no ballots (2,035), Ackerman said a number of reasons could contribute to this difference.

“It’s possible that people took ballots and then did not vote either yes or no, or ballots can be spoiled,” she explained. She said sometimes people will go through the whole process of obtaining a ballot and then return it to the box without a yes or no vote.

“This doesn’t generally happen in levy elections, but we see counts off all of the time when there are numerous candidates on one ballot,” she said. “People often don’t know who to vote for in certain races, so they leave those blank. For whatever reason, people who are undecided will sometimes make the effort even if they ultimately return a blank ballot.”

There is also occasionally a time when a person will be issued a ballot and then return to the pollworker and indicate that they made an error. The original ballot is “spoiled,” — separated from the voted ballots, and a new ballot is issued.

Precincts with the highest citing percentage based on number of registered voters include the following:

Slate Creek No. 1 at 69 percent turnout (18 yes and 40 no votes); Joseph at 65 percent (6 y and 7 n); Lowell with 57 percent (22 y, 22 n); Slate Creek No. 2 at 51 percent (11 y, 22 n); Kooskia at 33 percent (164 y, 175 n); Clearwater (37 y, 68 n) and Kamiah (5 y, 7 n), each at 32 percent.

Lowest voter turnout came from the following precincts: Elk City at 19 percent (13 y, 31 n); Grangeville 1&2 with 22 percent (214 y, 116 n); Harpster at 24 percent (22 y, 38 n); White Bird with 26 percent (20 y, 65 n); and Grangeville 3&4 at 27 percent (253 y and 149 n).

Kooskia had the most precinct voters register to vote on election day with 24; followed by Grangeville 1&2 with 18, and Grangeville 3&4 with 12. There are a total of 5,891 registered voters in MVSD 244.

Full precinct results can be found on-line at

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