Chievoe's Facebook page is still up, but reviewers warn not to buy products from the site because it is a scam.

GRANGEVILLE – Ferdinand resident Pat Alfrey made an online purchase last month.

“Well, I’m out $215 bucks, and maybe my VISA company will reimburse me,” she said.

Alfrey is out her money, and the promised product, after purchasing from site A search for the site found an empty page stating, “This shop is unavailable.” An Internet search found multiple sites warning about the page, stating it was a scam.

“I had been researching craft sewing tables,” she said, and found one for $215 on this site. “You know what they say about sounding too good to be true?” she said, but she convinced herself on the good price as sometimes outlet stores will have deals on single or discontinued items they need to move out the door.

She ordered, received confirmation on the purchase, and then a shipping confirmation, which said it would take three to six weeks for delivery.

“I clicked on it and tried to track it. It said this website doesn’t exist,” Alfrey said. “So, I Googled it. It’s a scam.”

Alfrey wanted to inform the public of this scam, noting she still sees this site pop up in her Facebook feed. Her hope is the scam doesn’t use her credit card information to defraud her further, but regardless, she intends to cancel this account and set up a new one.

Security in online shopping starts with a website search of the company, bringing up results of whether it is legitimate, as well as reviews by the public. Some web browsers will display the site’s security status in the address window, which is an indicator of whether it’s safe or malicious. Law enforcement agencies advise often that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

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