Fred Taylor

Fred Taylor, operations manager of Mountain River Outfitters, said the knowledge he learned in the EMT class also will be helpful in his work as a guide.

RIGGINS – “I have wanted to be an EMT my whole life,” said Fred Taylor, one of the students in Jill Morris Chapman’s EMT-B course in Riggins. “The biggest reason I wanted to be an EMT is that knowledge will benefit me greatly as a guide, and I will get to serve my community and help those in need.”

Taylor is the operations manager of Mountain River Outfitters, and he guides steelhead and salmon fishing trips in the fall, winter and spring. He is a 2014 graduate of Salmon River High School and a 2018 graduate of the University of Idaho.

“The class Jill put on was awesome,” he said with doctors, paramedics, and other medical professionals teaching lessons on their respective specialties. “Our classmates were hilarious, and the mood of the whole class was one you probably couldn’t find anywhere else but Riggins.”

According to Taylor, Air St. Luke’s came down for a weekend and put on its REAL program, which is for rural EMS programs to get extremely realistic training simulations in a variety of different situations.

“That really helped all of us get exposure to situations that are uncommon, such as trauma scenarios involving children,” he said.  

Overall, Taylor said the course went great, and he felt very prepared for testing and real-life scenarios at its finish.

“It was also very helpful that I was fortunate enough to drive the ambulance, and help out on real-world calls during my training,” he said. “I have passed all my testing and I've started running calls. I am extremely excited to be an EMT and serve my community. I’m even more excited to further my education and see what the future holds. Thank you to everyone involved in this program and class!”

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