Monday, May 4

RP advised white Dodge pickup with excessive speed southbound at MP 280.

RP advised ex-husband just drove past her house. Believes he has no business being out there since he does not live out there. RP sounds scared and would like officer contact.

ISP stopped for DUI vehicle almost struck 2107 and 2109 at Brown Road and Highway 95.

Tuesday, May 5

Animal problem - flagged down by pedestrian regarding cat on power pole.

2010 advised start event for fraudulent use of transaction card.

2101 advised he just recovered some stolen property. Unsure if items are from break in on storage units and part of KMO case or if they were items from stolen vehicle.

RP advised that stop signs have been knocked down throughout the Bethman Addition.

RP walked in and filled out report for trespassing and would like officer contact.

Sex offense - Health and Welfare in Grangeville would like to speak with an officer regarding a disclosure made of sex abuse to a counselor. Believed to have happened a few years ago at the Sundown by subject who was living with her mother and siblings at the time. Counselor had reported it to Moscow Police where the children are currently residing in foster care.

Friday, May 8

RP advised he saw a coyote with trap caught on his foot going into residential area and is worried about him being aggressive with people.

Saturday, May 9

RP states that subject was at RP house last night with girlfriend. They are gone this morning and so are the RP’s dachshund and six puppies. RP states that subject may have taken the dogs to the ex husband.

Sunday, May 10

RP advised of a maroon Toyota not maintaining lane and is possible an 8004.

Monday, May 11

RP advised subjects coming from Genesee to take RP’s grandson and kill him. Grandson is currently in school in Craigmont. RP’s wife was on call with the school telling them the subject couldn’t take the child. The mother and RP has a ex parte going through the court right now to get custody over the grandson.

RP advised a light colored car with racing stripes is high centered on the bank of the river. RP advised the door was open and no one around the car. RP advised the car is next to the train trestle that goes across the river next to the cedar mill.

RP advised subjects were touched inappropriately by RP’s sister. RP advised he has told the Montana police about the situation and they wanted him to report it to us first. RP is stuck at home watching the kids and would like to speak to an officer over the phone.

Tuesday, May 12

RP states that a deer has been hit and looks to be alive. ISP called to say that there is a deer between 282 and 283 and may be alive.

Wagon Wheel #3 resident just passed away this morning. RP states that the caregiver was fired and should not be in the residence. She is driving a silver Chev Equinox.

Wednesday, May 13

Aggressive driver trying to pass on a double yellow line and speeding excessively.

RP advised neighbor’s two large pigs are rooting up the RP’s yard. RP would like an officer to check it out.

RP advised of an older tan and green Chevy pickup with 1A plats. Driver was all over the road and it looked like they were passing something between the driver and passenger possibly something they are smoking.

Saturday, May 16

RP stated that the resp had followed her home last night when she got off work. Resp has drriven by house today.

Sunday, May 17

RP advised when her ex fiancee came to visit her he hit her and she would like to make a report of it. RP would also like to know an ETA on the officer.

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