Monday, April 18

Grangeville- Loose Horses Hall St; Disabled Veh Hwy 95; Possible DUI Hwy 95/UNF; Deer in rd Hwy 95; Identity Theft East Rd/RT; Elk City- Grass Fire Red River Rd; Kooskia- DUI Arrest of 22-year-old Kooskia man/ARR; Tree in red Hwy 12 MP 88; Reckless Driver Leitch Crk Rd; Cow in rd Hwy 12 MP 80; VIN Caribel Rd; Medical Ridgewood; Vicious Dog Lamtama Ln/TRA Tribal; Non-injury Accident Larch Rd/NRR; Noise Complaint Spruce Rd; Citizen Assist Rabbit Crk Rd; Injured Deer Hwy 13 MP 24; Disorderly Main St/NRR; Riggins- Suspicious Hwy 95; Medical Barn Rd; GPD- Barking Dog ES 2nd St; Trespassing N State St; Medical Lions Park; Threatening WN 4th; CPD- Medical Foster Ave; Ambulance Transfer.

Tuesday, April 19

Grangeville- VIN Hwy 95; Kooskia- Reckless Driver Hwy 13; Medical Mill St; Attempt to Locate; Medical Lamtama Ln; Agency Assist H & W; Disabled vehicle E Kooskia; Natural Death Selway Rd; Suspicious Ridgewood Dr/UNF; Missing Persons Hwy 12 MP 117.8/Located; Riggins- Juvenile Problem SR Elem/RT; GPD- Vagrancy Hwy 95; Suspicious Courthouse; Stray Dog Main St; Suspicious Lions Park; Medical GHS;

CPD- Vandalism King St.

Wednesday, April 20

Grangeville- VIN Camas Gravel; Vehicle Fire Hwy 95 MP 247.5; Vehicle Theft Old Hwy 95/UNF; Kooskia- Barking Dog Friendship Ln; VIN Woodland Rd; Possible DUI Hwy 12; Agency Assist ISP; Reckless Driver Hwy 13; Citizen Assist Main St; GPD- Medical Main St; Deliver Message Hill St; Medical WN4th St; CPD- Threatening Front St.

Thursday, April 21

Grangeville- Abandon Veh Hwy 95; VIN Fish Hatchery Rd; Utility Problem Trk Rte; DWP Arrest of 26-year-old G’ville man; Elk City- Rockslide Hwy 14 MP 39.5; Kooskia- Cows in rd Hwy 12 MP 76; Fraud Sears Crk Rd/NRR; Medical Hwy 12; Disabled Vehicle Hwy 12; Barking Dogs Stites; Reckless Driver Hwy 12; Riggins- Citizen Dispute S Main St/NRR; VIN Rapid River Ct; Citizen Dispute Heath Dr/CIV; GPD- Suspicious Main St; F&G Main St; Stray puppies WS 1st St; Juvenile Problem GEMS; Parking Problem; Medical WN 2nd St; CPD- Ambulance Transfer; Vicious Dog Talkington.

Friday, April 22

Grangeville- Veh vs deer WB Grade/RT; VIN Prairie Rd; VIN Mt Idaho Grade Rd; Lightning Strike Mt Idaho Grade; Disabled Veh WB Grade; Possible DUI Mt Idaho/NRR; Kooskia- Medical Florence St Harpster; Suspicious Hwy 12/NRR; ATV Accident Hwy 13; Noise Complaint Hwy 12; Riggins- Reckless Driver Hwy 95; Suspicious N McArthur/NRR; Disabled Vehicle Lucile; GPD- Business Alarm; Stray Dog S 2nd St; Protection Order Violation arrest of 24-year-old G’ville man; Gas Skip Hwy 95; VIN N Meadow; Welfare Check S Blvd; Stray Dog Hwy 95; Agency Assist H & W; CPD- Sex Abuse Lewiston St.

Saturday, April 23

Grangeville- Injury Accident Hwy 95/RT; Medical Norma Ave; Fatal Accident Lake Rd; Elk City- Rockslide Hwy 14 MP 39.5; Kooskia- Suspicious Rock Rd/NRR; Suspicious Court Rd/NRR; Suspicious Main St/NRR; Suspicious person Hwy 12/UTL; Intoxication Main St/NRR; Custodial Interference Lewis Co/TRA; Riggins- VIN Helm Ln; Theft Heath Dr/RT; Funeral Escort; Non-injury Accident S. Main St; Rockslide Hwy 95 MP 211; GPD- Theft Main St; Utility Problem South C St; Medical EN 2nd; Heard Gunshots N Side of Town; Agency Assist H & W; Utility Problem North C St; Utility Problem Trk Rte; CPD- Ambulance Transfer.

Sunday, April 24

Grangeville- Abandon Vehicle Lukes Gulch Rd; Juvenile Problem Hwy 95; Rock in Rd Hwy 95 MP 240; Rockslide WB Grade; Medical Gregory Crk Rd; Rocks in rd WB Grade; DWP Cite of 36-year-old WB man/CTR; Kooskia- Tree in rd Hwy 12 MP 87; ATV Accident Harris Ridge/RT; Stray Dog Timber Ridge; Welfare Check Cougar Ln; Riggins- Medical N Main St; Welfare Check Hwy 95; Property Damage Hwy 95; GPD- Medical WN 2nd St; Suspicious North A St; Medical ES 6th St; Suspicious Hwy 95; Vehicle Theft Middle St; Suspicious Main St; Domestic Dispute N Idaho; CPD- Ambulance Transfer.

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