Monday, Sept. 22

Grangeville – Disabled vehicle resulting in the arrest of a 47-year-old male for Kootenai County Warrant Hwy 95 MP 255.5/ARR; Medical Joseph Plains; Welfare check, subject OK West Lightning Creek Rd/NRR; Reckless driver Hwy 95 MP 235/UTL; Kooskia – Child abuse Woodland Rd/RT; Injured deer needing put down Hwy 13 MP 22/NRR; Agency assist for interviews Doughty Rd/NRR; Possible disabled vehicle not yielding to other vehicles Hwy 12 MP 84/NRR; Possible DUI Cemetery Rd/UTL; Riggins – Medical Seven Devils Rd; Suspicious male on neighbors porch S Main St/NRR; Tea bag placed in fuel tank Gold Rush Lane/RT; Injured deer needing put down S Main St/NRR; Elk City– Suspicious vehicle left at location RD 317/TRA – Forest Service; Theft of fuel Elk Creek Rd/NRR; GPD – Medical Scott St; Medical E N St; Black lab running loose 5th & Meadow St; Found property South C St; CPD – Ambulance transfer.

Tuesday, Sept. 23

Grangeville – Haz Mat informational only Gville/NRR; Theft of purse Main St/RT; Dead deer in Rd Hwy 14 MP 3.5/TRA – ITD; Theft of money Main St/CIV; Kooskia – Suspicious vehicle and female in RD Hwy 12 MP 84.5/NRR; Extra patrol; Trespassing Cedar Creek Rd/NRR; Neglect of dogs Hwy 12 MP 70.5/NRR; Non injury accident Woodland Rd/RT; Excavator moving debris into RD Wild Plum Ln/NRR; Riggins – Medical Rapid River Ct; Possible rattlesnake bite Hwy 95 MP 185/NRR; GPD – Runaway juvenile North C St; Utility problem with water E N 2nd St; VIN N College St; Lost money envelope that was recovered and returned; Dogs out in St N Meadow St; Non injury fender bender Main St; Abuse of dog E S 2nd St; Juveniles fighting N Meadow St.

Wednesday, Sept. 24

Grangeville – Non injury accident Gville/NRR; Suspicious drug paraphernalia found Slate Creek Rd/RT; Theft of mail Slate Creek Rd/RT; Dog barking Vollmer St/NRR; Death Tollgate Ranch/RT; Kooskia – Suspicious texts Ridgewood Dr/NRR; Cougar problem Front St/TRA – Fish & Game; Agency assist for cover unit Pine St/NRR; Medical Hwy 12; Vehicle keyed Hwy 13 MP 24/NRR; Fire Wild Plum Ln; Domestic dispute Ridgewood Dr/TRA – Tribal PD; Driving without privileges arrest of a 54-year-old Kooskia male Tinker Creek Ln/ARR; Possible electrical wire hanging down Front St/NRR; Possible suspended driver Fort Misery Rd/NRR; Reckless driver Hwy 12 MP 70/NRR; Parking problem Ridgewood Dr/NRR; Suspicious activity in unattended home Clearwater Ave/NRR; Medical Hwy 12; Riggins – Possible burglary Seven U Ranch Rd/NRR; Elk City– Theft of wood and woodshed Upper Airport Rd/RT; GPD – House check; House check; Suspicious male subject bothering females South E St; Welfare check, subject OK E S St; Abandoned kittens Myrtle St; Alarm Main St; Welfare check resulting in the arrest of a 20-year-old Grangeville male for MIC E N 2nd St; CPD – Ambulance transfer.

Thursday, Sept. 25

Grangeville – Mental problems Cheyenne Dr/RT; Kooskia – Found cooler of rotten salmon Clear Creek Rd/TRA – Fish & Game; Domestic dispute Esther St/RT; Medical Kim Pl; Non injury one vehicle accident Hwy 12 MP 73/RT; Domestic dispute, verbal only Big Horse Canyon Rd/NRR; Medical Hwy 13 MP 24; Suicidal threats Kooskia area/NRR; Suspicious items being loaded into car Glenwood Rd/NRR; Dead deer with arrow through it Harpster area/TRA – Fish & Game; Medical East St; 911 hang up calls, weather related Beaverslide Rd/NRR; Riggins – VIN White Bird Ridge Rd/NRR; Subjects with flashlights trespassing Elk Lake Rd/UTL; GPD – Bomb threat Main St/ARR; Questions about noise ordinances W N 2nd St; Theft of spotting scope & range finder S Myrtle St; Citizen dispute over wood W N 6th St; Theft of landscaping lights Maple St; Bad check Main St; CPD – Fire Pine St.

Friday, Sept. 26

Grangeville – Medical Hughes Heights; Intoxicated female Main St White Bird/NRR; Medical Deer Creek Rd; Reckless driver Hwy 95 MP 279/NRR; Abandoned vehicles Hwy 95 MP 226/NRR; Alarm Keuterville Rd/NRR; Kooskia – Semi driving erratically Hwy 12 MP 61/TRA – Lewis ; Medical East St; Male cited & released for assault Kim Pl/RT; Medical Barn St; Lost gun Selway area/RT; VIN Front St/NRR; Medical East St; Medical Hwy 13 MP 21; Fatal accident Powell area/RT; Vicious horse Pine Rd/NRR; Driving without privileges cite and release of a 24-year-old Stites female Main St/RT; Riggins – Unattended juveniles riding dirt bikes recklessly Heath Dr/NRR; Burglary Elk Lake Rd/UTL; Stolen prescription medication Main St/UNF; GPD – Ambulance transfer; CPD – Ambulance transfer; Bad check Main St.

Saturday, Sept. 27

Grangeville – One vehicle injury accident Hwy 95 & Powerline Rd/RT; Vehicles racing Hwy 95 MP 245/NRR; Cows in Hwy Hwy 14 MP 15/NRR; Disabled vehicle Hwy 95 MP 226-227/NRR; One vehicle vs deer accident Hwy 95/RT; Kooskia – One vehicle injury accident Hwy 12 MP 72/RT; Medical Woodland Rd; Medical Chief Looking Glass Ln; Reckless driver Hwy 13 MP 22/UTL; Extra patrol; VIN Hwy 12/NRR; Target practicing unsafely Flying Elk Dr/NRR; Welfare check, subject OK Glenwood Rd/NRR; Suspicious vehicle backing up the Rd Red Fir Rd/UTL; Trespassing Rabbit Creek Rd/TRA – Tribal Police Department; Suspicious vehicle stopped in Rd Red Fir Rd/NRR; Theft of personal property Tinker Creek Ln/NRR; Riggins – Boating problem Big Salmon Rd/NRR; Possible DUI Hwy 95 MP 193/NRR; GPD – Medical Elm St; Verbal fight N Meadow St; Found dog needing taken to pound West S 1st; CPD – Ambulance transfer; Barking dogs Trestle Dr.

Sunday, Sept. 28

Grangeville – Vandalism to vehicle Country Court Dr/NRR; Suicidal female West Lake Rd/NRR; Reckless driver Hwy 7/UTL; Deliver death notification Hwy 14 MP 13/NRR; Battery West Main St/NRR; Non injury one vehicle vs deer accident Hwy 95 MP 223/NRR; Dead deer in Rd Hwy 95 MP 255/TRA – ITD; Kooskia – Poached cow elk Selway area/TRA – Fish & Game; Subject driving with no license Woodland Rd/UTL; Medical Clearwater Main St; Suicidal and threatening Hwy 12 MP 70/TRA – Lewis County; Riggins – Fatal accident Hwy 95 MP 209/TRA – ISP; Burglary Hwy 95/TRA – Adams County; GPD – Report of an accident Hwy 95/TRA – Lewis County; Black dog needing taken to the pound South B St; Domestic dispute S E St; CPD – Ambulance transfer; Medical Butler St.

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