Court Records:District/Magistrate


7/25/2019 TO 8/4/2019

Lacy L. Brannan, 34, Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance on Vehicle, $131.50;

Lacy L. Brannan, 34, Fictitious Display of Plate or Registration Card, $115;

Iurie Cabaniuc, 49, Motor Carrier Vehicle Over Length, $276;

Randy J. Clark, 28, Possession of Controlled Substance, $400;

Randy J. Clark, 28, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $131.50;

Tyler Pratt Connor, 29, Inattentive or Careless Driving, $300;

Michael Kenneth Damon, 23, Battery, $182.50, 120 Days Jail Time, 95 Days Jail Suspended, 24 Days Credit Time, 24 Mo. Supervised Probation;

Antawn R. Ervin, 43, IDAPA Suspension Violation Locking Pins Missing or Disengaged, $204;

Bethany Fuller, 18, Turning Left and Failing to Yield Right of Way, $90;

Darlene M. Johnson, 41, Operating Vehicle without a Current or Valid Class D/Operators Driver’s License, $307.50;

Joseph P. Kennedy, 27, Motor Carrier-Over Weight (1-4000 Lbs)- Exceed Allowable Gross Loads, $84.50;

Jon Austin Carter Lawrence, 21, Vehicle Equipment-Fender, Covers and Mud Flaps- Insufficient Size of Construction, $67;

Jon Austin Carter Lawrence, 21, Vehicle Equipment- Muffler Causing Excessive Fumes or Smoke, $67;

Kent Everett Leach, 36, Failure to Use Vehicle Safety Restraint, $13;

John Alexander Link, 72, Failure to Display Two Vehicle License Plates, $67;

Andrew Jon Rendo, 31, Driving- Drivers Approach of Stationary Emergency Vehicle- Failure to Reduce Speed and Change Lanes, $90;

Dennis J. Ross, 49, Driving Under the Influence, $865, 90 Days Jail Time, 90 Days Jail Suspended, 90 Days Driver’s License Suspended, 24 Mo. Supervised Probation;

Mark Andrew Schaffer, 43, Alcoholic Beverage- Consume or Possess an Open Container by Driver, $400;

Caleb Craig W. Schlieper, 20, Driving- Following too Closely, $90;

Caleb Craig W. Schlieper, 20, Vehicle Safety Restraint- Operator Under 18 yrs and/or Occupant Under 18 yrs., $67;

Caleb Craig W. Schlieper, 20, Failure to Maintain Vehicle Liability Insurance (2nd or Subsequent Offense), $200;

Caleb Craig W. Schlieper, 20, Driving without Privileges, $200;

Christopher Dean Schnider, 31, Failure to Give Immediate Notice of an Accident, $250;

Speeding: Giselle Andrade, 22, $93; William J. Birky, 60, $90; Daniel K. Block, 31, $90; Dell Leroy Bowman, 55, $90; Brian M. Chikmoroff, 64, $90; Samuel Arden Dobbins, 58, $90; David B. Egnatz, 49, $155; Floyd Stephen Hall, 67, $90; Ronald A. Hayden, 65, $90; Joel Reyes Hernandez, 58, $90; Brandon Dean E. Hutzenbiler, 27, $90; Godfrey K. Kemboi, 27, $93; Vcadimar V. Kholunov, 44, $90; Charles Russell Lewis, 76, $158; Dale L. Lounsbury, 44, $90; Karin E. Lucas, 44, $90; Scott Gregory Meier, 42, $90; Gabriel Dewayne Rainey, 22, $93; Valentyn F. Shokur, 57, $93; Tanner R. Sloan, 21, $90; James M. Smith, 62, $90; Rebecca Rhea, 30, $90; Tom C. Weber, 40, $155;


-Steven A. Finnell VS. Mandy Michael Finnell, petition granted, August 2, 2019.

Civil Dispositions:

-Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. VS. Scottie Dixon, $13,665.65, in favor of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., July 30, 2019.

-Automated Accounts, Inc. VS. Lynda ML Stamper and Samuel J. Stamper, $3,733.95, in favor of Automated Accounts, Inc., July 25, 2019.

-Idaho County Sheriff’s Office VS. Thearon A. Johnson, $500, in favor of Idaho County Sheriff’s Office, July 25, 2019.

-Jaris Palmer VS. Ruth Williams, $81.50, in favor of Jaris Palmer, July 25, 2019.

-Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC VS. Julie Cuffe, $2,682.33, in favor of Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC., August 1, 2019.

-Credit Bureau of Lewiston Clarkston Inc. VS. Jamie L. Voller and Kenneth Z. Voller, $1,211.39, in favor of Credit Bureau of Lewiston Clarkston Inc., July 30, 2019.

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