Court Records:District/Magistrate, Jan. 3-13, 2019

9/24/2020 TO 10/4/2020

Charles Brian Baxter, 45, Failure to Maintain Liability Insurance on Vehicle, $134;

Juan J. Chavez, 26, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $197.50, 2 days Jail Time, 2 Days Credit Time;

Jesse J. Griffin, 24, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $197.50, 2 Days Jail Time, 2 Days Credit Time;

Darion Jon Halbert, 24, Driving without Privileges, $230;

Darion Jon Halbert, 24, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $300;

Darion Jon Halbert, 24, Controlled Substance-Possession of Marijuana, $400;

Jessie R. Hill, 38, Driving with Expired License, $101;

Jerrold Craig Johns, 60, Motor Carrier-Over Weight, $74.50;

Devan Patrick Kelly, 27, Operating Vehicle without a Current or Valid Class D/Operators Driver’s License, $307.50;

Tyler Kenneth Leaton, 17, Muffler Causing Excessive Fumes or Smoke, $67;

Cody John Matney, 38, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $134.50;

Anthony J. Neidlinger, 36, Failure to Register Vehicle Annually, $67;

Meinda Oltrogge, 46, Shooting from Across a Public Highway, $190;

Newton D. Paul, 17, Failure to Register Vehicle Annually, $67;

Shane V. Poxleitner, 33, Failure to Obtain Overweight or Oversize Permit, $229;

Miranda M. Prado, 26, Malicious Injury to Property, $157.50;

Jacob Ryan Reynolds, 45, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $131.50;

Jessiah James Triplett, 32, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $300;

Speeding: Brandon Don, Anderson, 38, $90; Zachary Micheal Beneventi, 33, $90; Adin Daniel Bennett, 19, $93; Daniel Lee Bradley, 27, $90; Zackary Wallace Bunger, 20, $155; Taylor David Cook, 23, $155; Chase Bradley Cooper, 16, $90; Micheal Allen Doughty, 20, $90; Soliel Maxine Fortin, 31, $90; Lily Ann Harris, 23, $155; Orlando Herrera, 21, $90; Audrey Elizabeth Inman, 29, $90; Emily Rose Lanning, 24, $90; Tyler Kenneth Leaton, 17, $93; Michael Joseph Morgan, 76, $90; Jerad Sean Morrissey, 21, $155; Steven William Nault, 24, $90; Kyle Edward Robertson, 33, $90; Ronald Benton Rueppel, 51, $90; Danielle Marie Smith, 39, $90; Casey Nicholas Swoboda, 28, $93; Kaycee Joe Thompson, 18, $155; Jake Trace Thyne, 22, $90;


-Travis W. Taphorn vs. Norma Taphorn, Sept. 28, 2020.

-Chasidy R. Fuller vs. Chad D. Fuller, Oct. 2, 2020.

Civil Dispositions:

-Christine Julian Hauger vs. Sierra Michelle Hooper and Zach Hooper, $735.63, in favor of Christine Julian Hauger, Sept. 24, 2020.

-Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC vs. Larry Morriss, $1,217.59, in favor of Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC., Sept. 29, 2020.

-UHG I LLC vs. Cody Harrigan, $1,609.04, in favor of UHG I LLC., Sept. 29, 2020.

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