Court Records:District/Magistrate


11/14/2019 TO 11/24/2019

Johnny Ray Arthurs, 45, Reckless Driving, $300, 30 Days Jail Time, 30 Days Jail Suspended, 12 Mo. Supervised Probation;

Haneford Dale Benware, 63, Driving without Privileges, $230;

Alejandro Calderon, 43, Motor Carrier Vehicle Over Length, $279;

Jason Quenton Dusten, 42, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $131.50;

Jason Quenton Dusten, 42, Driving without Privileges, $307.50;

Macenzie R. Farris, 18, Resident Hunting Big Game without a License, $1,200;

Macenzie R. Farris, 18, No Appropriate Game Tag, $200;

Macenzie R. Farris, 18, Unlawful Taking of Game Animals, Birds, or Furbearers, $465;

Brian Anthony Giordano, 41, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $400;

Andrew Heins, 28, Failure to Validate or Attach Game Tag to Carcass, $368;

Hiriam M. Ivie, 50, Controlled Substance-Possession of Marijuana, $300;

Hiriam M. Ivie, 50, Contempt of Criminal Court, $300;

Rene Ann Keith, 37, Alcoholic Beverage-Consume or Possess an Open Container by Passenger, $102;

Joseph Matthew Kellogg, 37, Controlled Substance-Possession of Marijuana, $400;

Joseph Matthew Kellogg, 37, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $300;

Samuel Frank Kocherhans, 66, Hunt-Failure to Leave Evidence of Sex on Game Animals, $72;

Sam W. Landrum Jr., 76, Dogs, Cats, Animals, Running at Large, $72;

Daniel L. Larsen, 20, Drug Paraphernalia-Use or Possess with Intent to Use, $197.50, 1 Day Jail Time, 1 Day Credit Time;

Brandon Mitchell Ream, 25, Inattentive or Careless Driving, $200;

Brandon Mitchell Ream, 25, Failure to Maintain Vehicle Liability Insurance, (2nd or Subsequent Offense), $200;

Daniel T. Rowe, 52, Fish-Used Barbed Hooks where Prohibited, $72;

Cole S. Shepard, 24, Hunt-Failure to Leave Evidence of Sex on Game Animals, $72;

William E. Smith, 30, No Contact Order Violation, $300;

Maeci G. Tillman, 19, Alcoholic Beverage-Under 21 YOA Unlawful to Purchase, Consume or Possess, $492.50;

Micah A. Vineyard, 24, Driving Under the Influence, $850, 180 Days Jail Time, 180 Days Jail Suspended, 90 Days Driver’s License Suspended, 24 Mo. Supervised Probation;

Speeding: Ginger Ann Allen, 46, $90; Brian Edward Gaither, 49, $90; John Ronald Gogol, 55, $90; Henry Morrison Hays Wehle, 31, $90; Keegan Anders Kline, 21, $90; Deirdre H. Sanchez, 48, $93; Anatoliy Solovey, 45, $90; Steven Carrol Tester, 72, $90; Judy Ann Thorne, 59, $95; Ryan R. Uhlenkott, 44, $90; Chad Waitman, 45, $90;

Civil Dispositions:

-Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC VS. Stacy M. Plaza, $1,207.60, in favor of Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, Nov. 21, 2019.


-Benjamin Florek VS. Tiffany Deen, Nov. 14, 2019.

-Lisa Perez VS. Juan Perieda-Perez, Nov. 21, 2019.

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