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1/28/2021 – 2/7/2021

Donald Ray Brigance, 54, False Logbook, $201;

Banks Lancaster Crane, 31, Failure to Register Vehicle Annually, $67;

Jonathan Paul Crane, 43, Operating Vehicle without Valid License or Proper Endorsements, $307.50;

Thomas T. Cullin, 49, Driving without Privileges, $307.50;

Matthews Cook Finley, 55, Possession of Controlled Substance, $400;

Thomas William Mcmanus, 62, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $134.50;

David J. Parris, 28, Failure to Provide Proof of Vehicle Insurance, $131.50;

David J. Parris, 28, Operating Vehicle without a Current or Valid Class D/Operators Driver’s License, $307.50;

Stephen F. Riordan, 49, Motor Carrier Vehicle Over Length, $279;

Danielle R. Sanders, 40, Failure to Stop and or Yield from Stop Sign, $90;

Russell William Sussen, 25, Disturbing the Peace, $160.50;

Jasper Garret Thompson, 22, Driving under the Influence, $850, 90 Days Jail Time, 90 Days Jail Suspended, 90 Days Driver’s License Suspended, 24 Mo. Supervised Probation;

Jaime E. Walker, 30, Dogs Running at Large, $72;


Robert Alexander Barrows, 41, $90; Timothy Robert Brown, 62, $90; Cynthia L. Bullock, 54, $90; David Glenn Hagele, 75, $90; Theodore M. Knapp, 73, $90; David Edward Mello, 57, $93; David Edward Mello, 57, $158; Fred Joseph Miller, 39, $93; Jonathan Richard Norman, 40, $90; David J. Parris, 28, $90; Nicholas Keith Romans, 19, $155; Danielle R. Sanders, 40, $90; Shari Gwyn Schutz, 46, $90; Jeffrey Steven Sherwood, 25, $155; Sydney James N. St. Martin, 25, $93; Ashley Lindsey Ray Walker, 37, $90;

Civil Dispositions:

-Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Tiffani Zimmerman, $2,516.65, in favor of Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC., Jan. 28, 2021.

-Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs. Charles Hoecherl, $910.02, in favor of Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC., Feb. 4, 2021.

-Chapman Financial Services vs. Jared I Andrews and Rachelle L. Andrews, $18,532.83, in favor of Chapman Financial Services, Feb. 3, 2021.


-James Robert Artz vs. Genelle E. Artz, Jan. 29, 2021.

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