GRANGEVILLE – Voters won’t see a difference, but candidates may who are considering a run for the Idaho County Commission.

According to the Idaho County Election Office, recent redistricting has shifted two precincts into other commission districts. Moving from District 1 to District 2 will be the Harpster precinct with 262 registered voters. Moving from District 2 to District 3 will be Big Butte precinct with 89 registered voters.

Pursuant to Idaho Code 31-704, according to a press release, the Board of County Commissioners must district the county into three districts, as nearly equal in population as may be. This is done every even year at the regular January meeting. According to the county, the total number of registered voters will then be 3,286 in District 1; 3,315 in District 2; and 3,257 in District 3.

“Unlike the recent school trust elections, all registered voters in the county are eligible to vote for all candidates for the Board of County Commissioners regardless of the district they reside in,” stated the release. “However, like school trust elections, in order to run for a position on the board, the candidate must reside in the district in which they seek a position.”

Idaho County has 28 voting precincts, five of which are mail-out precincts. In mail-out precincts, there is no physical polling place; ballots are mailed to all registered voters in the precinct based on their voter eligibility. Additionally, there is an absentee precinct, which is comprised of all absentee and early voting ballots.

Those with questions concerning the district changes can contact the election office at 208-983-2751.

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