OROFINO -- “It started out like symptoms of the flu,” explained Molly Waters. “But then when she woke up in the middle of the night complaining of stomach pain, I began to think it might be something more serious.”

Molly brought her daughter, Madelyn, into the clinic in Orofino to see Jake Foster, PA. She explained that she thought Maddy might have appendicitis.

Foster performed an examination on Maddy and got her scheduled for a blood test and ultrasound at the hospital.

“He was so thorough and explained everything that was going on, not only to me, but to Maddy,” said Molly. “When it was determined that she did have appendicitis I was so grateful to Jake for listening to me and believing that what was going on was serious.”

When they were told that Maddy had appendicitis and would need surgery Molly expected that they would need to be transferred out of Orofino.

“I just didn’t know that the surgeon at CVHC [Clearwater Valley Hospital and Clinics] could do an appendectomy on a 9-year-old,” said Molly. “Then we met Dr. Schmidova, and she explained that they would perform the procedure laparoscopically, meaning it would be minimally invasive, and Maddy would most likely be able to go home that night. I had packed a bag expecting to be Life Flighted out if she had appendicitis; it was great to find out that we wouldn’t have to do that! Dr. Schmidova was wonderful at explaining the procedure both to me and to Maddy and made sure we knew what was going to happen. She made us as comfortable as we could be.”

Schmidova and her team perform minimally invasive surgeries as often as possible.

“It is easier on the patients and allows them to get home sooner. Patients have less pain and healing typically occurs more quickly when the patient can do it at home with family,” explained Schmidova.

“Being able to have a procedure done here is a real advantage because patients are typically able to go home sooner. Families are not out the expense of having to travel to Lewiston, or farther, and getting a hotel room,” said Kim Coppernoll, surgery tech and EMT. “Our patients are in great hands with Dr. Schmidova and our whole team.”

“It was so nice being able to have Maddy’s surgery done here. Her primary care provider is Dr. Lima and even though Dr. Lima wasn’t working on this case, she came in just to check on us and reassure us that Dr. Schmidova would take great care of Maddy,” said Molly. “It meant a lot to us that a doctor who has seen Maddy, and knows her history, went the extra mile to come in and talk to her. That’s not something you can get at every hospital!”

“I don’t think I’d be scared if I had to have surgery here again,” said Maddy with a little smile.

Schmidova was trained at University of Washington and did her surgical residency at Penn State. She practiced at a hospital in Loveland, Colo., for nine years before coming to St. Mary’s and Clearwater Valley Hospitals. She and her surgical teams at both hospitals perform many minimally invasive surgeries including laparoscopic inguinal hernias, incisional or ventral hernias, laparoscopic gallbladders and liver biopsies, appendectomies, colon surgeries, excisions of small masses or hemorrhoids, minor breast surgeries and open colon surgeries.

Article provided by St. Mary’s Hospital community relations coordinator, Kim Johnson

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