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This summer ranchers throughout Idaho are harvesting less hay from their fields than last year due to the lack of rain, meaning there will likely be a hay shortage in the near future.

“The amount of hay we get all varies on whether it’s irrigated or dry land, alfalfa or grass,” stated Dan Shumway, a longtime rancher in Council. “We can cut it two-three times, depending on what it is. For grass, it’s just one cutting, and alfalfa is usually three cuttings. It just varies. Alfalfa usually gets less and less with each cutting.”

Shumway said that 2021 has been very different. “This year, all of the production is just way off. For the non-irrigated fields, we’ve gotten about half as much hay. For the irrigated, there were two fields that we got about the same amount of hay out of as last year, and there was five-ten percent less for the others.”

July 14, The Record Reporter

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