Why do we need a $545,000 levy?

The state of Idaho continues to cut funding in education, leaving schools without the needed funds to meet educational requirements. This levy replaces last year’s, this is not an additional levy and supplements our income to maintain our current operations and cover the state’s shortfall for basic operations. This levy will show on your December 2015-2016 tax assessment bills.

How much will it cost me on my taxes? It will cost $4.16 per thousand of the assessed value of your property, minus the homeowner’s exemption. The school board and administration have adjusted the budget and kept the levy amount the same again this year.

This is an annual replacement levy, and as long as the State of Idaho continues its current form of funding for public education, we will need a supplemental levy. Continued support from our community is vital; state and federal funding is unstable and inadequate.

Our school is vital to the community of Riggins. Our community needs families to survive and families need and want a good quality school.

How does the levy benefit me as a taxpayer? Having a quality school in our area brings families to the area and promotes business and industry. These businesses yield the jobs needed to sustain our community. Property owners and renters are both stakeholders in our schools and have voting privileges. Keeping a thriving community keeps our properties value. Also keeps our stores, restaurants, gas stations, financial institutions and other businesses open.

We’ve been our own district for more than eight years. One-hundred percent of this levy goes to our school district here in Riggins. We have five volunteer members of this community serving as our local school board: Rich Friend, Eric Hook, Barbara Hawkins, Seth Allen, and Susan Hollenbeak. To receive an absentee ballot, contact the Idaho County Courthouse at 983-2751. You can register to vote the day of the levy with valid ID and proof of address.

Please visit our schools website for information: www. Jsd243.net or call our business manager at 630-6027 or attend the monthly board meetings on the third Monday of the month.

Please vote yes on the levy on Tuesday, May 19, at the Salmon River Heritage Center, Canyon Pines RV Resort, absentee ballots or mailout ballots!

Thank you for your support of our kids!

Tracie Pottenger

Levy Committee Chair and parent

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