Extradition from Washington State is pending for Sean L. Anderson, charged with felony aggravated assault upon a peace officer, resulting from a July 18 incident in Ferdinand, in which he is alleged to have fired upon law enforcement following a pursuit.

Anderson, 52, is currently incarcerated in the Spokane County Jail. According to Capt. Jim Gorges, Idaho County Sheriff’s Office, once Anderson has waived extradition, they have 10 days to arrange transport for his detention.

As for where, “That’s not facilitated yet,” Gorges said. “He won’t be held here [Idaho County jail]. We know that.”

According to information from Idaho State Police and court documents, a traffic stop was initiated on Anderson at 2:47 a.m. on Saturday, July 18, by an unidentified Lewis County Sheriff’s Deputy on U.S. Highway 12, milepost 61. The driver initially stopped for the deputy, but he then drove off, which began an approximate 49-minute pursuit. Other local agencies, including a second Lewis County deputy, an Idaho County deputy and a Nez Perce Tribal Police officer assisted in the pursuit.

The driver, later identified as Anderson, eventually stopped in a residential area on Canyon Road outside of Ferdinand in Idaho County. According to court records, Anderson is alleged to have had possession of a 12-gauge shotgun and allegedly fired in the direction of one of the officers. He is then alleged to have aimed it a second time at the deputy, at which point all four officers opened fire on Anderson, who sustained gunshot wounds that incapacitated him. None of the officers was injured.

Anderson was treated at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, and upon his release last Thursday, July 23, officers with the Spokane Police Department arrested Anderson on the aggravated assault charge, which includes a firearms enhancement penalty.

According to law enforcement, Anderson and his wife, Susan, participated in the 2016 Malheur National Wildlife Refuge armed occupation in Burns, Ore., to support the protest concerning private ranchers’ struggles with the federal government. Through social media posts, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office was informed of a pending protest in Nezperce this Saturday, Aug. 1, at 11 a.m., being led by Anderson’s supporters and those of activist Ammon Bundy.

For clarification, according to a LCSO statement, neither Black Lives Matter, nor Antifa, have any relation to the protest, nor does it appear it is organized by either group.

Those citizens not wanting to take part in any protest or counter protest are advised by LCSO to avoid their office that day due to congestion and increased law enforcement presence. Barricades will be in place to maintain jail facility security.

“The Lewis County Sheriff’s Office supports citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed rights, including that of peaceful protest/counter protest,” according to the LCSO statement. “We are extremely grateful to the community for their continued support of our office. We do, however, ask that those on either side of the issue do so in a peaceful and lawful manner.”

Gorges added the Idaho County Sheriff’s Office would be assisting LCSO with deputies and support.

“This is not a concern, as long as the objectives stay the same,” Gorges said, as far as a peaceful demonstration. “We just don’t want a group coming in to threaten life or destroy property. They can exercise their First Amendment right all they want. We just don’t want the town destroyed.”

ISP detectives are leading the ongoing investigation with the assistance of the FBI. To avoid potential conflicts of interest, Latah County Prosecutor William W. Thompson. Jr., has been appointed special prosecutor in this case.

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