KOOSKIA – Expenditures are proposed to be 19 percent less ($179,620) in the fiscal year 2015 budget for the City of Kooskia.

The Kooskia City Council will hold a public meeting next Wednesday, Aug. 13, 6 p.m., city hall, to take comment on the proposed $761,840 FY15 budget prior to consideration for adoption. The public may review the budget at city hall: 926-4684.

As proposed in the FY15 budget, the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) fund would increase by 25.4 percent (up $19,850) for a total $98,030. Sanitation would increase by $1,920 (up 2 percent) for $93,420; sewer up 7.2 percent, increased $4,020 for a total $60,100; water up $4,070 (3.2 percent) for a total 131,670; and park and rec up by $165 for a total $4,545.

Proposed to decrease would be the street fund: down 24 percent ($42,965) for a total $133,225; and the ambulance fund, which dropped 62.4 percent ($168,000) for a total $101,200.

Fees are set to increase as part of the proposed FY15 budget. Water and sewer rates propose to increase nearly 3 percent, and the WWTP assessment will rise about 15 percent.

Property taxes would fund $89,307 of the proposed FY15 budget. The city is taking the allowed 3 percent increase; the FY15 amount is up 2.3 percent from the current operating year.

Summer remains in full swing, but area city governments have fall on their minds as they craft operating budgets for fiscal year 2015.

Next Monday, Aug. 11, city councils in Riggins, White Bird and Stites will be holding public meetings to present proposed FY15 budgets to public comment prior to their deliberation and adoption. Budgets are open to public inspection prior to the meeting by contacting the respective city halls: 628-3394, Riggins; 839-2294, White Bird; and Stites, 926-7121.

RIGGINS – Along with its proposed fiscal year 2015 budget, the Riggins City Council will be considering new and increased fees at a public hearing Aug. 11, staring at 7 p.m., city hall.

Comment will be taken by the council in its determination on whether to adopt the proposed $4,701,481 FY15 budget, up 1.2 percent from the current year.

Part of the hearing will include utility fee increases: $27 for both residential and small commercial monthly water rates (up $2), $50 for large commercial (up $3) and a $2 increase in monthly sewer rates (from $27 to $29). Annual irrigation fees are proposed to increase $5 for a 50-by-100’ lot, and up $10 for the per acre fee.

Proposed new fees concern the Riggins Community Center and would charge $25 for daily sound system rental fees on-site, and $200 sound system deposit.

Among the changes for the FY15 budget include a 14 percent increase in the street fund: up $13,485 for a total $109,623; a $2,455 jump (9.3 percent) for the library’s proposed $28,759 fund; and 4.3 percent more for the water fund for a total $801,522.

Of the total $4.7 million proposed FY15 budget, $65,558 will come from property tax revenue, up 3 percent from the current year.

WHITE BIRD – The City of White Bird is proposing a decreased budget for FY15, down $25,550 (17.7 percent) from this current year. The matter will be presented at an Aug. 11 public meeting, starting at 4 p.m., city hall.

As part of the proposed $118,400 budget, the street fund would increase 20 percent for a total $4,800; and the fire department would receive $1,500 more (up 27 percent) for a $7,000 total. Two significant decreases are proposed for FY15: sewer fund would decrease $24,250 (55 percent) for a total $20,000; and the water fund would drop by 13.5 percent ($4,700) to $30,000.

Revenue from property taxes for the budget would total $22,607, up by .5 percent ($107) from the current FY14 budget.

STITES – Proposed expenditures are to be 11.5 percent less for the FY15 City of Stites budget. The council will be presenting its proposed $187,592 budget for the coming fiscal year at an Aug. 11 public hearing, 6:30 p.m., city hall.

Most all city funds are proposed to see decreases in the coming year, the largest being water: down 19.6 percent ($9,258) for a total $38,000. The sewer fund proposes to drop by $6,034 (8.5 percent) to $65,000 for FY15. Minor decreases 3 and 2 percent, respectively, are proposed for the street ($13,900 total) and sanitation ($25,000 total) funds.

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