Well, I don’t usually deal in rumors … but sometimes I do. I haven’t had time to check all of this out, so take it with a grain of salt … six different people have told me so far that Hong Fa is closing. Sad news for the community; however, I also heard that the restaurant is being purchased by the Gomez family.

The next rumor, and this was only mentioned to me by two people, is the coffee shop behind the Free Press (by P1FCU and Zip Trip) will open sometime soon after the weekend of the Fourth. Their little yellow building is out there, and they are working hard to get it going!

One more. I was told by more than one source, less than five, that both BiMart and Shop-ko have looked at the former King’s store. Those same people told me that a local business family was in the process of trying to purchase the store and property.

Well, there’s a lot to think about and talk about there. Let me know if you know something else. In the meantime, I will work on confirming my news.

A couple weeks ago, Free Press bookkeeper Jolene Rupp left her Glenwood-Caribel area home and made it to Kamiah on the way to work before she realized she still had her house slippers on. She made a stop at Cloninger’s Harvest Foods and bought the cutest flip-flops. She wore them all day and loved the comfort and style so much that she went back and bought two more pairs in different colors! Now you know where to get some cute and comfy summer shoes!

This isn’t a rumor: Michael Rehder, who has been employed at Irwin Drug, will give up his position there to become a full-time third and fourth-grade teacher at Summit Academy. I’m excited for Michael who has a great personality and is very creative. He will make a good teacher and I think it’s neat he is returning to his alma-mater in such a short time to serve there.

It’s time for a whole new round of senior projects. Tessa Godfrey and Morgan Crea from Grangeville High School will be promoting RED for theirs. Wear Red On Fridays is to “Remember Everyone Deployed.” Wear your own red or purchase a red T-shirt at the Idaho County Veterans Outreach and Community Center in Grangeville.

You may have noticed our former publisher, Andy McNab, the official “honorary race starter” during street sports for Border Days. Mike Johnson said “honorary,” but several of us standing by heard “ornery.” You be the judge!

There’s more good “Business” page news coming up, including information on Emily Kaschmitter and our new Grangeville postmaster, Jim Ward. Look for those stories in upcoming issues!

Three Idaho metro areas were named among the best places in the Western U.S. to live on six-figure salaries: Lewiston was named No. 2, Pocatello No. 6 and Idaho Falls No. 10. This according to MagnifyMoney’s Best and Worst Cities To Live on a Six-Figure Income Report which analyzed 381 metro areas across the U.S.

A few more highlights:

•California is the ultimate budget killer: The Golden State is home to nine of the 20 worst metros for six-figure families.

•Steer clear of the coasts: The Northeast and West ranked worst among the five regions (with Idaho, of course, being a happy exception). On average, six-figure households spend 80 percent of their earnings in these regions.

•The South reigns supreme: The Southeast and Southwest tied as the best region; six-figure families in both these areas use an average of just 70 percent of their income on basic expenses.

•Tennessee dominates: If you’re looking for bang for your buck, it doesn’t get more affordable than Tennessee. The three best metros for six-figure households are in Tennessee, and five of the top 10 are from the Volunteer State.

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