Jackie Sedillo

Jackie Shayde Sedillo allegedly led the police on a high-speed chase from Adams County up to Idaho County, stealing cars along the way.

GRANGEVILLE – A Middleton man charged in September’s carjacking and pursuit across the Camas Prairie is petitioning for a change of venue for trial, due to claims he will not receive an impartial jury in Idaho County.

Hearing for the motion is set for Nov. 21 before District Judge Jeff M. Brudie. Jury trial for Jackie S. Sedillo, 29, is tentatively set to begin Feb. 3, 2020.

Sedillo has pleaded not guilty to 15 felony charges including grand theft, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, eluding a police officer, unlawful possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and battery. Charges resulted from a Sept. 3-4 incident in which Sedillo is alleged to have fled from law enforcement in a reported stolen vehicle, and during the pursuit north from Riggins is alleged to have taken two additional vehicles – one allegedly at gunpoint – and fled north of Grangeville where he hid on foot in a canyon, surrendering to officers the following morning.

In a 69-page motion, Sedillo’s defense attorney, John A. Wiltse, requests the court grant a change of venue as he states his client will not receive an impartial jury in Idaho County due to three factors: media coverage of the case, an alleged victim seeking donations through a GoFundMe page for vehicle damages, and the fact Grangeville schools were placed on lockdown during the alleged incident.

“When reviewing the nature and content of the pretrial publicity,” according to the motion, “this court is concerned with the accuracy of the pretrial publicity, the extent to which the articles are inflammatory, inaccurate, or beyond the scope of admissible evidence, the number of articles…. In this case, due to the media exposure and significant impact the alleged events have had on the community, there is a reasonable likelihood that the defendant would not receive a fair trial in Idaho County.”

Sedillo is currently incarcerated in the Idaho County jail, with bond set at $750,000.

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