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Gina Seibert.

1. What made you want to become a Realtor?

“I wanted a new challenge. Real estate has always been intriguing to me. I get to work with all kinds of people, guiding them with one of the biggest purchases of their life. I want to make that process easier. It’s also busy, but flexible, and gives me the freedom to spend time to do the things I enjoy. It’s a job that leaves me satisfied and has checked a lot of the boxes for me.”

2. What are some of the major learning curves you’ve experienced?

“Navigating through multiple transactions can be difficult; there are a lot of moving parts. With multiple parties involved, everything is more complicated for buyer, sellers, lenders, and title companies. Luckily I have the support of the other realtors in our office, so, no problem is too big to overcome.

3. All anyone is hearing is how “hot” the market is right now- what caused this spike in demand?

It’s hard to limit to just one factor. Sometimes people don’t share their reason for moving to the area. Recent comments I have heard involve the pandemic. People are moving to the less populous areas where they can work from home. It’s allowed them to sell their more expensive homes where they live, and move to beautiful rural areas like ours, where housing prices are lower.”

4. What does this spike mean for local realtors and availability?

Less inventory, higher prices.

5. What is the number one red flag a person looking to buy a home should look for?

“A red flag can look like a cracking foundation, mold, or even water intrusion. Having a good home inspection can eliminate a lot of red flags with the structure itself, but each property needs to be treated differently. For instance, with some it’s title or access problems. This is where it’s important to hire a trusted, knowledgeable, local realtor.”

6. What is the strangest thing you’ve seen in a home so far?

“Oh, you don’t want to know. It is probably best I do not mention some of the strange things I have seen so far [laughs]. Let me just say, we see and hear some very strange things.”

7. What advice can you give to people overwhelmed or frustrated because they think they cannot afford to buy a home?

Give me a call, I will help you through it. I can help you contact a financial institution, take the next step and shepherd you through the process.

8. What are some tips for those thinking about selling? (mow, staging, paint-- anything?)

One of the major steps to selling your property is pricing. Correctly pricing your home to the market is crucial. In addition to pricing, I recommend getting your home and yard ready. Making any repairs or paint touch-up prior to listing their home can eliminate the possibly of having to do these tedious things during the contractual time frame. Other tips would be to pack up personal items, de-clutter, do a deep cleaning, groom and clean up your yard. Once your home is looking good, keep it that way. You can only make a first impression once!”

9. Why is a healthy real estate market important for Idaho?

It means a healthy economy. More employment, higher pay, thriving local businesses, increased home sales, price stability, new investors/businesses. It’s great for Idaho.

10. Why should people hire you as their realtor?

“I’m honest and trustworthy-- with strong core values-- and I work hard for my buyers and sellers. Integrity and work ethic are what I bring to the equation and are qualities I pride myself on. I like to help solve people’s problems. I put my clients first and have their best interest at heart. In this market it is crucial that your real estate agent is in your corner and willing to be aggressive to protect your interests-- and I am that agent. I also work with an amazing, trusted, highly skilled team [Solberg Agency] that is available to help fill in or solve any problems that come up. But, like I said, I put my clients first and genuinely have their best interest at heart.”

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