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Everyone’s heard it, now the numbers confirm it. Gem State population saw growth in every county from 2020 to 2021, according to newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau, with those increases due to migration from other states.

The City of Grangeville is accepting applications for certified lifeguard positions for the Grangeville City Pool for this upcoming summer season. For information or to pick up an application, stop by city hall or print the application found under “Employment” at

BOISE – House Bill 775, a piece of legislation that would have required all Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) that facilitates the resettlement of refugees to report their age, sex, and country of origin, died in the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee on Monday, March 21.

    BOISE — As Idahoans make travel plans, the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) encourages drivers to prepare with the new Idaho 511. Recently, the streamlined low bandwidth Idaho 511 website,, officially retired, and the transition to the newest Idaho 511 traveler informat…

    BOISE – A bill to prevent Idaho officials from revealing where they obtained lethal injection drugs failed to advance out of the Senate Judiciary & Rules Committee earlier this week. House Bill 658 would have provided legal protection from discovery or disclosure for those supplying and …

    BOISE – This week Idaho’s Legislature brings several bills to the Senate and House floor addressing abortion, transgender youth, Tobacco 21, lethal injection supplier discretion, and criminalizing librarians who distribute explicit content to minors.

    BOISE — Two House Bills were introduced to the State Affairs Committee on Wednesday, March 2, which would affect current voting procedures right before Idaho’s upcoming primary elections in May.

    BOISE — Wrapping up the week’s legislative work, Sen. Carl Crabtree (R, Grangeville) noted progress in several issues he is promoting, including helping early dyslexia detection, broadband infrastructure and all-day kindergarten.

    BOISE – Idaho’s Senate passed S 1309 which would amend the Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection act to allow lawsuits directed against medical providers who performed an abortion considered unlawful. S 1309 states abortion is unlawful once there is a detectable heartbeat from the fetus.

    BOISE – The Idaho Office of Refugees hosted their 14th annual conference, a two-day, hybrid event dedicated to the theme “Belonging Begins with Us.” This conference allows people to come together and discuss refugee resettlement as well as community building.

    BOISE – House Bill 620 “protects the identity of people who have not gone through the due process yet and puts their mugshots out there before the time is right,” said Rep. Marco Erickson from District 33, when leading off the discussion on the bill.

      BOISE — Nearly one-third of Idahoans may be eligible to receive discounted broadband internet service through a new Federal Communications Commission program. The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBB) may lower the cost for families and households to access internet more affordably.

      BOISE — Idaho’s House heard two bills focusing on COVID-19 related issues, including the privacy of COVID-19 vaccination status at the work place to prevent discrimination, and prohibiting face-mask mandates throughout the state.

      BOISE - The Idaho House Legislation passed House Bill 547, with 53 in favor and 15 against, after a long debate Monday morning, Feb. 21. House Bill 547, sponsored by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, aims to stop “ballot harvesting”, a practice where an individual or group collects absentee …

      BOISE — New legislation is rolling in at the Statehouse, especially from education committees, including the Senate Bill 1291, which would make changes to teacher certification qualifications.

      BOISE – House Bill 658, which would allow non-disclosure protections for entities to carry out the death penalty, such as lethal injections, was approved by the House Judiciary Committee this week after making its way through the committee process.

      BOSIE – The Idaho Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee (JFAC) has concluded budget hearings and begins setting budgets for the new fiscal year on Monday, Feb. 21.

      Good schools are an important factor parents consider when choosing where to take jobs and settle down, and pre-K education is included in those choices.

      BOISE - “It’s a really cool part of Idaho’s history that we've been able to be a place where refugees can find hope and rebuild after their own homes are no longer feasible to stay in,” said Holly Beech, Communication Specialist & Media Contact, for the Idaho Office for Refugees.

        BOISE — As financial technology has evolved, it has given consumers the ability to shop, save and invest online using their phones, tablets and computers. These modern financial conveniences, however, come with risk. “As we all conduct more transactions online, we need to raise our awareness…

        BOISE - House Bill 464, on workers compensation, was presented in front of the House Commerce & Human Resources Committee in the hopes to incorporate COVID-19 vaccination-related accidents and injuries into the Bill.

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        Sherri Ybarra, Idaho’s Superintendent of Public Instruction pitched her public-school budgeting request to the Joint Finance Appropriations Committee by addressing students' learning setbacks through the Covid-19 Pandemic.

        The Idaho STEM Action Center presented their agenda for the fiscal years of 2022- 2025 to the January Board Meeting by advancing innovative opportunities for educators, students, communities, and industries in order to help build a more competitive workforce and economy through Science, Tech…

        BOISE — This week starts the nuts and bolts of lawmaking, but leading into this was approval of $5 billion revenue forecasts that will help direct legislatures in shaping the fiscal year 2023 state budget.

          New data released from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in early December showed a continued rise in inflation, with consumer prices in November rising 6.8 percent above the prior year. One of the main categories driving inflation overall has been energy, where prices now are up a total of 33.…

          In a new report by Outdoorsy, it states from 2015 to 2020, reported a 95.7 percent increase in camping reservations made in the state of Idaho. Out of all states, Idaho experienced the 14th largest increase in camping reservations.

            Are you looking to bone up on your Idaho facts? Here’s a trivia quiz to help you do just that. Have fun while learning about the state of Idaho.

              BOISE — Rental prices throughout Idaho continue to exceed renter wages, according to the 2021 Out of Reach report released recently by the National Low Income Housing Coalition. Idaho’s housing affordability challenge affects many of the state’s small towns and rural communities, forcing hou…