GRANGEVILLE – You may or may not have Friends in Low Places, but bets are you will want to be sipping Two Pina Coladas at the Sunset Auto June 27. (Non-alcoholic, of course).

“I was so busy worrying about getting the screen back up, I didn’t get wind of this right away,” theater owner Chris Wagner said.

“This” is a Garth Brooks concert event at 300 drive-in theaters across North America, only on June 27.

What’s a better way to Rodeo into Border Days week than with Garth Brooks? Unanswered Prayers will become just the opposite for many country music fans come the night of Saturday, June 27.

Wagner and Sunset Auto Vue will participate in this event, created exclusively for this occasion.

“I heard about it from another drive-in owner friend of mine, then it came together pretty quickly,” Wagner said. Looks like the performance will be More than a Memory for many area residents.

He explained the concert will be pre-recorded and he will receive it on a hard drive, ready to play, as he does other movies.

Tickets went on sale Friday, June 19, and will be available until sold out. They have to be purchased from There, ticket buyers will also be able to review the drive-in theaters available for the concert. Tickets are general admission and of limited availability. They will cost $100 per vehicle, all-inclusive. If you’re Workin’ For a Living, buddy up with a friend with an SUV.

Note that as of press time, tickets were not sold out. Ticketmaster on-line has experienced some difficulties. Keep trying.

Wagner said there must be a seatbelt in the vehicle for each passenger to qualify for the ticket admission.

“So, you cannot just throw 20 people in the back of the truck,” he laughed.

But, remember, if Papa Loved Mama, he’d hook her up with tickets to this concert and even celebrate with The Dance.

If you’re Much Too Young to Feel this Damned Old, don’t worry. The movie is set to start at dusk; the gate will open at 6:30 p.m. Wagner added there is a whole summer series of concerts available for drive-ins.

“We’ll just have to see how it goes over, whether we want to tap into others,” he said.

Wagner said opening weekend June 13 saw 91 cars for the showing of “Grease.”

“We’re glad to have the screen up and be open – it’s a relief,” Wagner said.

We’ll see you at the drive-in. We know Wild Horses couldn’t keep you away.

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