Daryl Mullinix

Daryl Mullinix addresses the Syringa board of trustees at the Aug. 27 meeting.

GRANGEVILLE – “I know you have a lot of important things to worry about, but I hope this falls in line with Syringa’s vision,” Daryl Mullinix spoke to the Syringa board of trustees at the Aug. 27 monthly meeting.

Mullinix approached the board on behalf of the Grangeville Highway District (GHD) to request a letter of support for the proposed Grangeville bike path project. This venture will place an approximate 1.8-mile multi-use path along U.S. Highay 95 and Fish Hatchery Road, into town by Grangeville High School.

Mullinix explained the 10-foot paved path will be maintained by GHD.

“It’s unfortunate the City of Grangeville elected not to support it, but we’re moving forward,” he said.

Trustee Jane Carlson said she feels it’s a good idea and she appreciates Mullinix pushing onward.

“I would like to know if there are plans for winter snow removal or rest rooms?” Carlson questioned.

Mullinix said there will not be any snow removal by GHD and that rest rooms are not currently planned, but this may be a project for a service organization that is able to tap into recreation funds.

He also said the path loops around the outskirts of GHS, and he is working with the school district to coordinate parking for path use.

Trustee Jim May asked if Mullinix had spoken with any other local highway districts who may have similar interests.

“No – each district is very different,” he explained. “We are taking advantage of a right-of-way we know already exists.”

The board voted unanimously to offer a letter of support for the project. A letter was sent to GHD signed by board chair, Leta Strauss. It read, in part:

“Exercise and physical activity have long been proven to promote health and prevent injury or improve a number of disease conditions. A multiple-use path would promote and encourage active, healthy lifestyles and foster outdoor recreation by improving public safety or pedestrians and bicycle riders through minimum conflict with busy streets and motorways.”

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