Katy Eimers

Katy Eimers, of the Syringa Hospital human resources department, pours sparkling cider at the 2019 Grangeville Senior Citizens Center Holiday Luncheon.

GRANGEVILLE – “What is employee engagement?” Syringa Hospital Human Resources Director Katy Eimers asked the board of trustees at the Dec. 17 meeting during a presentation on the hospital’s recent “employee engagement survey.”

Eimers explained engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to an organization.

“When an employee doesn’t just work for a paycheck, but on behalf of the organization’s mission,” she explained.

She expounded, saying joy satisfaction is doing one’s job, becoming successful and having personal commitment, while engagement is about doing one’s job above and beyond, making themselves and the business successful and forming a mutual commitment.

“Does engagement matter?” she asked. Those who are engaged, she emphasized, are twice as likely to stay at their current job, are 2.5 times more likely to feel they can make a difference and also 2.5 times more likely to recommend their place of work to others.

The Gallup poll for the employee survey ranked their answers, giving overall scores in a variety of areas.

Some of those areas include: “At work, my opinion seems to count.” The 2019 score was 3.58 (out of 5) and the goal for 2020 is to raise that to a 4.0. “In the last seven days, I have received recognition or praise for doing good work.” The 2019 score was 3.3 and 2020’s goal is 3.8. “This last year, I have had the opportunity at work to learn and grow.” The 2019 score was 3.82, with 3.92 the goal for 2020. For each goal there is an action plan to help attain it.

“There were many great comments about the work environment and jobs, but we’re focusing on the items we can take action on and improve on,” Eimers said.

Some of those action items will include employees being treated different in different departments, merit increases, equipment purchases, staffing levels, customer service, educational opportunities, pay, E.R. entrance issues, morale, PTO (paid time off) administration and consistent workplace feedback.

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