Darla Anglen-Whitley

Syringa HIT manager Darla Anglen-Whitley discusses the hospital’s health information system.

GRANGEVILLE – “While we don’t procure an income for Syringa, we do create an asset,” health information technology (HIT) manager Darla Anglen-Whitley told the Syringa Hospital board Sept. 24.

Whitley provided a short educational presentation on HIT, going over the highlights of the department.

“Even though we pay to create this asset, it doesn’t belong to us,” she said. “It belongs to the patients.”

Whitley said HIT is dedicated to developing efficient and effective work flows in order to promote quality patient care and employee satisfaction, ongoing training to enhance patient safety and employee productivity engagement, and maintaining IT devices and systems for maximum up time, system security and the availability, integrity and confidentiality of electronic information systems.

HIT is in charge of training, issue resolution, data, computers, wireless, remote access, printers, phones, scanners, iPads, software and more

The HIT team is in charge of 126 desktops and laptops on its network, 45 printers, 21 servers, 55,000 faxes annually, 2,387,599 incoming e-mails or which about 12 percent are considered legitimate, 180 accounts and 5,400 service tickets (to request repairs).

“Are you prepared,” for a cyber attack or infiltration of the system, questioned trustee Jim May.

“We do everything we can to be ready – we’re as ready right now as we can be with everything we have,” Whitley said.

Upcoming initiatives in HIT include implementing a data analytics team, adding new layers of security and stabilizing the internal network system, Whitley added.


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