Syringa Hospital

GRANGEVILLE – Syringa Hospital Board met May 28 with a full slate of discussion items. Included are highlights from the leadership reports:

*Director of clinic operations, Michelle Schaeffer, reported the Primary Care Clinic in Kooskia underwent a Rural Health and Accreditation survey April 4 and 5.

“Overall, the survey went very well, with a few deficiencies in the areas of patient records and program evaluation” she said. “Corrective action plans have been submitted.”

*”Great news – we received $125,000 grant money from the Idaho EMS dedicated fund,” reported director of facilities, Bill Spencer. He explained they bid the new ambulance and the committee chose the low bidder, Braun North West out of Chehalis, Wash.

*Foundation director and Syringa Thrift Store manager, Kristi Brooks, reported April store sales were up 16 percent from the same period last year; expenses were down 10 percent and new income was up 48 percent. A volunteer appreciation dinner was held April 24 at The Gallery and more than 40 attended. The thrift store has raised $560,000 since April 2002.

*Chief financial officer, Betty Watson, reported charges written off as bad debt and sent to collection were $90,358 (4.5 percent of gross charges).

The Kootenai Health management services agreement fees for March were $19,506.

The board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month, 12:30 p.m., at Soltman Center. The next meeting is set for July 23.

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