Syringa board

Syringa board members listen and discuss during the Aug. 27 meeting.

GRANGEVILLE – Syringa Hospital passed its fiscal year 2020 budget at the regular monthly meeting Aug. 27.

The budget summary ran in the Free Press legal section Aug. 21, and included an operating revenue figure of $25,118,027, of which $16,398,885 was from patient services revenue.

Highlights from the budget include the following:

*An overall 2 percent price increase.

*A salary increase of 8.2 percent, or $683,203. This includes the addition of a physician and medical assistant in the clinic and increased budgeted hours for the social worker, therapy clerical support, nursing, nursing administration, Kooskia Clinic clinical assistant and discharge planning.

*Employee benefits budget increase by 6.5 percent, which includes a projected 5 percent increase in insurance costs. Benefits are projected to be 23 percent of salary totals.

*Professional fees budget for FY2020 contains a $52,819, or 3.7 percent, increase from FY2019.

*The utilities budget decreased overall by $15,961 or 5.6 percent, due to a reduction of T1 line costs.

*The purchased services budget increased by 3.5 percent. The managed services contract with Kootenai is in this category.

Total expenses for FY2020 are projected at $15,948,754, and depreciation is projected to be $523,008.

The total tax levy request is $483,2341, with $209,500 earmarked for capital equipment, $222,731 for operation and maintenance needs, and $51,000 for liability insurance.

In the regular monthly administrative report, CFO Betty Watson reported that 4.8 percent of gross charges, or $94,446, was written off as bad debt and sent to collections last month.

The Kootenai Health management services agreement fees were $19,506 in July.


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