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GRANGEVILLE — The Syringa Hospital Board of Trustees voted unanimously to pass the fiscal year 2022 budget at the Aug. 24 board meeting.

The total budget included $19,623,229, which includes funds for capital and improvement.

Some highlights of the 2022 budget include the following:

∙The salary budget for FY22 decreased by 3.6 percent ($384,024). CFO Betty Watson explained this decrease is, in part, due to higher salaries related to COVID-19 in FY2021.

∙Employee benefits increased 1.5 percent ($34,921). The health insurance projection increased slightly for FY22.

∙The supplies budget increased by 18.5 percent, or $389,319.

∙The utilities budget increased by 16.3 percent, or $38,691. This increase is due to a projected increase in city utilities and diesel heating fuel.

Salaries make up $10,267,817 of the total budget, with employee benefits making up $2,422,114.

Capital improvement requests came in totaling $732,805. These requests were considered and prioritized to the capital request list totaling $223,500. These requests include a 4x4 truck with a Tommy lift and snowplow ($15,000); a fire alarm system for the Webb building ($7,500); modifying the drainage system behind the ER on the north side of the hospital ($10,000); scrub room/replace scrub sinks ($21,000); ultrasound table ($15,000); bone density scanner ($40,000); transport patient monitor ($7,000); picture archiving and communication system ($58,000); defibrillator for surgery ($25,000); and $25,000 contingency.

The board also voted yes on the following resolutions (which are the tax revenue part of the budget):

∙Section 6-927 FY 22 tax levy for comprehensive liability insurance in the amount of $45,000.

∙Section 39-1333 FY22 tax levy for operation, maintenance and upkeep of the works and equipment of the district in the amount of $251,647.

∙Section 39-1334 FY22 tax levy for the purpose of necessary equipment and building improvements in the amount of $223,500.

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