KOOSKIA — A group of Mountain View School District 244 teachers implored the board to come together and discuss their contracts. This occurred at the Nov. 19 regular monthly meeting held in Kooskia. A meeting was not held in October.

“Now that we’ve entered into the mediation stage, I don’t believe we can legally meet face to face,” board chair Lot Smith said.

Central Idaho Education Association president and Clearwater Valley High School teacher Char McKinney said she was not aware of that stipulation.

“We don’t know we’re in mediation now – we have not been told that,” McKinney said. “We want to sit down and talk this out. If we are in mediation, we release you from that, so we can talk.”

So far, MVSD teachers are working on the previous year’s contracts as an agreement for the 2018-19 school year has not yet been reached. Per the board’s wishes, a private lawyer was hired by the district and a federal negotiator was also brought in.

The date of the next meeting of the union representatives and the school district was not available as of press time Tuesday.

Superintendent Marcus Scheibe reported Elk City School now has five students and the district is working with the state entities to raise test scores which were identified as low earlier this year.

The after-school program did not receive the state grants this year. This affects programs associated with Clearwater Valley, Grangeville Elementary Middle School and Elk City.

“They’re still currently maintaining their services, but the face of those may have to change,” Scheibe said.

Technology director Joe Rodriguez reported the district has purchased a new content filter due to concerns from the board.

He explained if a student is looking up something inappropriate on the Internet, not only is he stopped, but an e-mail is also immediately sent to administration.

“I think it’s doing a good job of filtering and can also be helpful in alerting counselors if a student looks up suicide or other topics that may need to be discussed,” he said.

Patron Anthony Chai earlier in the meeting brought his concerns about WiFi to the board.

“I am concerned for the health of our children and everyone else who is exposed to WiFi,” he said.

Board member Mike Dominguez asked Rodriguez if he had any of the same concerns Chai does.

“There is no way to get away from being around WiFi in this day and age,” he answered. “The option, I guess, is to homeschool if you’re worried about the exposure at school. But am I concerned about it? No.”

CVHS baseball coach Josh Bradley returned to this month’s meeting to resume his request to get started on a building at CVHS to be used as a snack shack, announcers booth and storage.

“I would really love to get started on it before spring,” he said, explaining there is $5,000 in the account and donated labor and materials.

“I believe it will be a good addition to our program and the school,” principal Adam Uptmor added.

The board voted to allow Bradley to proceed with the project.

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