PHS students post with The Hangout posters

Prairie High School students (L-R) Sierra Chapman, Reed Chapman and Sapphire Yorke pose with the posters they created to help The Hangout assist local food banks.

COTTONWOOD – “We’re excited about helping the hungry and those in need,” Debbie Schneider of The Hangout said. “There’s not much worse than being hungry.”

Greg and Lydia Deiss had an idea to help achieve that very thing, so, they teamed up with The Hangout and Debbie and her husband, Ron, as well as with Shane Chapman’s art class at Prairie High School.

“Our son, who lives in Boise, had come up with this seed of an idea,” Lydia explained. She said he was troubled to see food going to waste -- in particular bread – when he was at a restaurant and knew there are people who could use it.

Greg and Lydia kept that in mind and ran with an idea.

“Debbie kept track of what people most ask to be taken off or request they do not want on an order and found it was bread,” Lydia said.

Lydia asked Chapman if his art students could come up with poster ideas to not only help publicize paying forward to local food banks, but also reduce waste.

Three students – Sierra Chapman (senior), Reed Chapman (sophomore) and Sapphire Yorke (junior) –came up with posters to help the cause.

Chapman said his students used various methods to complete their computerized posters: Yorke utilized Adobe Illustrator and hand drew her art with the mouse. Sierra and Reed each used PhotoShop, hand drew their art and then scanned and imported it.

“I just kind of let them take off and do their own thing,” he said.

“Don’t want that bread? We’ll donate that dough! The cost of bread from your meal will be going to the local food banks,” Yorke’s poster reads.

Whenever a patron at The Hangout asks to omit the bread from their order, 25 cents will automatically be placed in a jug that will go to the food banks.

“This is what we found will work best for us – but we hope other restaurants will join in and they can do whatever works for them.”

The Deisses plan to take the campaign back to their son in Boise – he is employed by a charter school there – and also to Lewiston and beyond.

“We wanted to start small, where we knew people and could explain and see it work on the local level,” Lydia said.

“Our own grassroots effort right here,” Greg added.

Anyone who would like information is encouraged to call Lydia at 208-553-9782 or Debbie at 208-962-7383 or stop by The Hangout at 603 Front Street, Cottonwood.

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