Umpqua Bank employees

Grangeville Umpqua Bank employees are (back, L-R) Lorie Eggers, Bill Jeffries, Daryn Seyer and Phyliss Pottala; and (front, L-R) Jackie Doyle, Tammy Nail, Sandy Mader, Beryl Grant, and Celeste Kosanke.

GRANGEVILLE – Grangeville Umpqua Bank employees celebrated their customers with breakfast out Friday, April 5.

The bank’s area manager, Bill Jeffries, “cooked” breakfast at Amy’s Full Belly Deli that day to reward the employees for their work on Umpqua’s new Go-to mobile device app.

“Well, he got us breakfast,” laughed Beryl Grant.

Umpqua Bank’s Area Manager Bill Jeffries

Umpqua Bank’s Area Manager Bill Jeffries donned an apron and chef’s hat to serve breakfast to Grangeville Umpqua Bank employees at Amy’s Full Belly Deli April 5.

Employees were celebrating the large number of sign-ups they received for the app, which allows customers to connect, or “chat,” directly with someone at the bank during bank hours.

“So, if you’re busy and just have a quick question, or you’re out of town or at work, this is really handy,” Jackie Doyle showed the app on her phone.

Customers can ask any questions about their accounts through the app as well as have debit cards placed on a hold, inquire about a loan or even business hours.

“And it’s all very secure, so the information remains confidential between the customer and the Umpqua employee they choose,” said Phyllis Pottala.

All the employees stated how “wonderful” their customers are and how happy they are to serve them.

“We really have loyal customers and it’s a pleasure to assist them or even just see them when they stop in to say hi,” Sandy Mader said.

To install the Go-to app, go to your phone’s App Store and search “Umpqua Go-to” and download. Those who have questions on how to do this are invited to stop by Umpqua Bank at 147 West Main Street or call 208-983-0600.

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