KAMIAH – Area veterans and active duty military personnel are invited to participate in the Operation Horses and Heroes (OHH) program in Kamiah, Sept. 13-15.

OHH is an intensive, multi-day EAP program, led by veterans, that uses the healing power of horses to help heroes heal. Veterans, reservists and active duty military who are struggling with challenges in their lives – such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, TBI, adjusting to civilian life -- are encouraged to sign up.

No horse experience is required, and there is no riding. The program is free, and all meals are included.

The three-day event will be held at Sleepy Hollow Ranch in Kamiah. The number of participants is limited, so those interested are asked to contact OHH as soon as possible.

OHH, an ALL volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Program sponsors are also sought to help the program. OHH accepts donations of food, meals, beverages and serving supplies, horse care and stable supplies. Donations are also sought of door prizes to raffle as a fund-raiser, also hotel or B&B rooms for out-of-town heroes and volunteers. Sponsors are also needed to help with costs of travel and lodging for our heroes to participate.

To sign up as a participant, or to help with donations, contact local volunteer board member, Jerry Paulsen, 847-529-5205, gpaulsen@paulsenproductionsinc.com or info@operationhorsesandheroes.org . Go online at www.operationhorsesandheroes.org .

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