GREENCREEK – Investigators state a neighbor dispute is what led two Greencreek sisters to allegedly contract his murder to solve the matter.

However, the potential hitman was an undercover deputy, and the pair -- Debra Wensman, 50, and Doris Wensman, 46 -- was arrested last week and charged with felony criminal solicitation.

The Wensmans are set for preliminary hearings next Friday, Feb. 8. The pair was arraigned last Friday, Jan. 25, and each is out on $100,000 bond. In the meantime, Idaho County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) personnel are keeping in regular contact with the pair. Initially, this was to advise the pair on keeping to the court-mandated terms of their release or face arrest, according to detective Jerry Johnson, ICSO.

“Since then, it’s just been a lot of friendly follow-up,” he said, “to show them we’re around, and to show our presence.”

“And to let the neighbors see that as well,” added detective Brian Hewson.

The Wensmans were arrested without incident last Thursday, Jan. 24, after the pair allegedly attempted to contract with ICSO Deputy Sam Augello, who was acting undercover, to kill their neighbor, Edward Stubbers. According to information from ICSO personnel and court records, the alleged deal promised Augello, going under the alias Joe King, $1,500 and a homemade AR assault rifle for doing the job, and he would be provided a Taurus pistol to use in the killing.

At their arrests, according to Johnson, four handguns and two rifles were recovered from both the Wensmans’ persons and their vehicle, one of which was the weapon to be used in the alleged contract. As part of their release, the Wensmans are not allowed to possess firearms, according to Johnson, and the pair voluntarily allowed law enforcement to enter their residences, and between 30 to 35 handguns and rifles were removed.

Case investigation began earlier this month following a Jan. 20 report to ICSO by Ryan Mader who, in a meeting two days later with Hewson, related he had been approached by Doris with the alleged contract to kill Stubbers. According to court records, approximately two weeks earlier, Mader was delivering heating oil to Doris’ residence on Wensman Road, and contacted her outside where she was carrying two heavy backpacks later found to be full of guns and ammunition.

According to Mader, Doris asked him how the place looked during the day, which he did not know what she was getting at, and she then accused Mader of accessing the property at night and stalking or harassing her and her sister. Mader told her he had never been to the property at night, and Doris then started talking about a man who was in her house, and while they talked she told him she saw the man. Mader offered to check the house, but Doris declined.

Mader said the conversation changed to Doris offering him the backpacks, full of guns and ammo, and $5,000 to kill the Wensmans’ neighbor, Stubbers, who also lived on that road. According to the report, Doris allegedly said she had tried on a prior occasion to hire someone from the Kooskia-Kamiah area to kill Stubbers – she had paid him to carry it out, but it was never done. Mader said he has known Doris for years and had never heard her talking the way she was talking that day.

Last Thursday morning, Jan. 24, ICSO law enforcement met to coordinate Deputy Augello going under cover – dressed in plain clothes, driving an unmarked vehicle and wearing a digital transmitter -- to meet with the Wensmans to see if they were serious about the murder, according to records. After heading to Doris’ residence and no one was home, Augello went to Debra’s residence down the road and made contact with the sisters. In the driveway, he started a conversation that led to the pair talking about Stubbers and problems they were having with him.

“They think this guy is harassing them,” said ICSO Undersheriff Jim Gorges, who summarized the background to the Wensmans’ issue with Stubbers. In general, he said, the pair think, “people are spying on them, watching them. They think people are watching them, harassing them, trying to get them to leave the property.”

According to records, the discussion allegedly turned to their hiring Augello to kill Stubbers, but they thought Debra’s house was bugged and wanted to continue the conversation elsewhere on Wensman Road, so he followed them to a location south of the residence.

At this location, the Wensmans allegedly offered Augello the deal that included a Walther PPS 9mm handgun as a good faith offer. They made arrangements to meet on Highway 13 between Stites and Kooskia so the sisters could go to their bank in Kamiah to withdraw the funds. The meeting ended and the sisters went back to Debra’s residence where, as they approached, they were intercepted by law enforcement and taken into custody by Johnson, Hewson, Gorges, Augello and detection officer Micah Olson.

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