Nolan Gillies

Nolan Gillies won nearly $700 bareback riding at the 2019 White Bird Rodeo.

The bareback riding resulted in the single biggest payout seen at last weekend’s 2019 White Bird Rodeo: a boon for Nolan Gillies of Boise. The horse almost got the better of him, but the 41 points were enough to take first place — which came with a buckle and a prize of nearly $700. “All I was thinking at that point [pictured] was ‘Don’t hit the ground, don’t hit the ground, don’t hit the ground,’” Gillies told the Free Press Monday, June 17. “Judging by her size and the way she was built, I figured she was going to tug on me a bit. She just tucked her head and scooted out of the gate. I will say she was pretty quick though. I was lucky to mark her out fast enough.”

It was his second time at White Bird, he said, and “White Bird is always a fun one to hit.” He’s hoping to fit Border Days into his July 4 schedule this year.

As for the prize money?

“That will not only give me a huge head start in the standings, but will also go a long way to fix my car,” he said. “It broke down on my way home, which really makes it the perfect rodeo story.”

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