A vehicle drives into Grangeville at the Main Street/truck route intersection. Workers in the Kooskia and Riggins zip code areas are the most likely to spend time commuting to work, according to U.S. Census data.

What’s your commute like? Within Idaho County, you’re more likely to spend time on the road to work if you are from the Kooskia and Riggins zip code areas, according to U.S. Census data compiled by United States


Kooskia residents (those within the 83539 zip, stretching across much of northern Idaho County to the Montana border) have much more commute time to work.

Those taking less than 10 minutes total 196; however, 208 take between 10 to 29 minutes, 132 take between 30 to 39, and 137 take between 45 to 59. Twenty-eight residents have a commute time between 60 to 89 minutes, and 40 take more than 90 minutes.

How do Kooskia residents get to work? Most – 80 percent or 636 -- go by car, truck or van. Ten percent (76) travel by bicycle, walk or other means, and 7 percent (58) work at home.


What’s the Riggins commute to work like?

The majority, 167, take less than 10 minutes to get to work, 98 take between 10 to 29 minutes, and 21 take 30 to 39 minutes. Seven have an extended commute of 60 to 89 minutes.

Seventy-one percent (224) travel by car, truck or van, and 72 (23 percent) take a bicycle, walk or by other means. Eighteen (6 percent) work at home.


For Cottonwood residents within the 83522 zip, the majority, 677, take anywhere between one to 19 minutes to commute to work, and 160 take between 20 to 39 minutes. Those taking extended commutes of 60 to 89 minutes were 52, and 11 take more than 90 minutes.

How do Cottonwood residents get to work? The majority, 88 percent (862), travel by car, truck or van, with 5 percent (47) going by bicycle, walking or other means. Seven percent (69) work at home.


Within the 83530 zip, commute time for the vast majority (1,338) was less than 10 minutes, 624 took between 10 to 19 minutes, and 219 take between 20 to 39 minutes. Extended commutes were 19 taking 60 to 89 minutes, and 33 who take more than 90 minutes to travel to work.

How do Grangeville residents get to work? The majority (1,932 or 84 percent) travel by car, truck or van, and the next highest group – bicycle, walking or other means – was at 13 percent (306).


Within the region, census numbers report Lewiston (83501 zip) within the top 10, ranked fourth in the state, for the shortest commute time: 14.7 minutes. The shortest commute time in the state is Soda Springs at 12.7 minutes, and the longest is Shoshone at 32.4 minutes. On average, travel time to work in Idaho is 21 minutes.

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