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    Trinity Lutheran Church of Grangeville, has been purchasing ads from the Idaho County Free Press, promoting The Lutheran Hour for several years now, the radio broadcast is at 8:00, Sunday mornings, AM and FM, on KORT, and The Lutheran Hour is also available on the Internet at any hour you mi…

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      There is only one issue at hand here. The issue is which pay schedule to use. Two years ago in negotiations, the district and union agreed to adopt the state pay schedule and use it until the state develops a different formula. This ensures that the formula by which the state funds the distr…

        I was living in Woodland, Idaho, during this time; I had been trimming trees on a lovely property of a couple who hired my husband and me to get the property looking nice and ready to sell. On that day I was enjoying the beauty of the rolling hills with my dog, Nicky Boy. My dog and I were w…

        On Feb. 6, 2019, Mountain View School District Board Chairman, Lot Smith, wrote an opinion in which he continues to misrepresent the facts regarding the school board’s unfair and disrespectful treatment of our teachers.

        On March 8th, Idaho and Lewis county Republicans will have our county Republican party “Lincoln Day Dinner.” From now through the end of April, nearly every county Republican party across Idaho will hold a celebratory event honoring Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th President and the first Rep…

          With spring approaching, many of us look forward to enjoying traditional summertime recreation. In fact, a lot of us equate the availability of good camping, fishing and hunting with our quality of life. But these recreations are rapidly fading with our population increase. Why then does the…

          The Mountain View School District Board of Trustees (the Board), has been approached by several members of our community asking questions about misleading information that is being circulated through our district by the Central Idaho Education Association (CIEA), the teacher’s union. The Boa…

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            This political standoff demonstrates that Congress, our states have lost all civility and is incapable of managing the country going forward. The U.S.A. will be prone to separatist movements as well as the target for political disintegration.

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              As my wife and I subscribe to the Free Press -- my wife is a native of Idaho County – I always read the court records. As I am a retired police officer, I can’t seem to get it out of my system.

              Letter to the editor

                I read the article [Jan. 16 issue] “Healthcare pricing: ‘Complicated and complex’ says Syringa CEO King,” about new hospital price transparency requirements, with great interest. As a board member of Consumers for Quality Care (CQC), a coalition dedicated to patients and their right to affor…

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                  I am curious as to why The People's March seems to acknowledge The Women's March on Martin Luther King, Jr., weekend with no mention of the March for Life. It happened on the same weekend. It would seem to me that the organizers, after considering "ethics," income inequality and basic human …

                  The collection, protection and use of personally identifiable information by both the government and private companies deserves close scrutiny.  Americans are rightly concerned about the collection and use of their data, and how such data is secured and protected.

                  Letter to the editor

                    “A long, long time ago . . . February made me shiver / With every paper I'd deliver: / Bad news on the doorstep; / I couldn’t take one more step. / I can’t remember if I cried / When I read about his widowed bride; / But something touched me deep inside / The day the music died.”

                    Letter to the editor

                      I have never seen so much hate in the world as we have now, except in the time of Hitler. Our president did not leave a comfortable life and business to run our country because he hated America. He came because he could see a country that was being led down the path of destruction and social…

                      Throughout my professional career and as a state legislator, I’ve purposefully worked and advocated for positive change on behalf of all parties involved in the justice system in Idaho. Whether it’s serving on the Public Defense Reform and Justice Reinvestment committees or supporting the wo…

                      Idaho’s salmon and steelhead populations are in serious decline and our wild runs are teetering on the brink of extinction. Spend a few hours in Idaho’s river towns and you will see that fishing businesses and outfitters are taking a hit from the lack of steelhead, while our state leaders ar…

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                        Isn’t it great to have a President of the United States who is committed to keeping his campaign promises to the citizens who elected him; a President with backbone, a President who is absolutely dedicated to the security of the citizens of the United States. God bless America and God bless …

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                          Now that the dispute over speed limit signs on Highway 95-Grangeville have ended, how about a sign, “Drive at your own risk,” being installed leaving Grangeville on Highway 13 to Harpster? Between the frost heaves, truck ruts and potholes, you have to drive all over the road to avoid destroy…

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                            We need to pull together and step up to this madhouse with its dispensations and become the stewards of our social order. Support our community at the local level, and not at the state/federal /international one.

                            Letter to the editor

                              Your remarks about our President are not becoming of someone with your intelligence; a civil conversation on policy and the rule of law is what is needed, not personal attacks.

                              While Idaho had good intentions 26 years ago, it’s time we made a decision based on what we know today. Idaho’s mandatory minimums for drug crimes generate real injustice and expense, with little if any deterrence.

                              These are all major decisions that I do not take lightly, because they are very important to north Idaho.

                                I hope that more people will realize that guns are simply tools. And whether it be a hammer or a drill or a gun, it has a place and if not used properly, can cause someone to hurt.

                                  Dave Rauzi’s recent editorial [Dec. 19 issue] was headlined Schools are Front Lines in Teaching Kids Gun Safety.... I want to quarrel with Mr. Rauzi’s contention that schools should be the gun instructors.

                                  Governor Little has an exciting opportunity to take fresh eyes and innovation into addressing a long-standing problem concerning marijuana, make a policy that reflects the values and desires of its residents, and lead the nation in how this substance should be handled.

                                  December is the time of year we reflect on the highs and lows of the past 12 months. When it comes to small business, 2018 was definitely a high. In fact, I believe it was one of the best years for our region’s entrepreneurs and job creators.

                                  I commend those working to protect and help children in all of our communities. This work is no doubt heartbreaking, but also motivating continued progress. Those working to bring healing and hope to troubled and hurting children and families are making a difference in the lives of many throughout Idaho.

                                  Guest Opinion

                                  As we look ahead to the new year, a new state government administration, and the 2019 legislative session, I offer the following select thoughts. The elections are over, it’s time for elected officials to dig in to do the hard work. So, let’s begin with chocolate.


                                  Recently the Moms Demand Action group formed in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, which, according to news reports, is advocating to prevent unintentional firearm deaths among children by educating parents and gun owners about responsible gun storage.

                                  Guest Opinion

                                  As members of the Baby Boomer generation reach what was once considered the “golden years,” many are redefining what it means to be an older adult. Instead of retirement and rocking chairs, they’re working longer and living more active lifestyles than their parents ever did. But while Baby B…

                                    The big winners are you, our school and our community, as we came together and worked hard to reach our goal and give back to those in need in our community. It makes us very proud to see everyone working together to make this happen.

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