Some basic information the public should know about teachers and staff at Mountain View School District (MVSD):

Not all certified teachers are members of the Central Idaho Education Association (CIEA) Union. Of those who are union members, not all are in full agreement with the union’s agenda and/or tactics regarding negotiations. The CIEA negotiation team is comprised solely of union members who volunteered to be on the team.

There are teachers who are satisfied with their employment, salary, and benefits at MVSD and feel honored to be working with students in buildings and grounds that are well-kept and continually updated through wise use of federal and state monies, along with local tax dollars.

Many teachers are not in agreement with the union (a) dictating with whom and how they will negotiate, (b) using the negotiations process to vent personal frustrations and issues, (c) attempting to control the negotiations with side issues, and (d) disrupting school board business meetings with negotiations issues and/or personal complaints and attacks on administration and board members.

The loud, demanding voices of a few vocal union members do not reflect the true nature of the majority of MVSD teachers. This angry mob mentality is held by only those who are intent on dictating their personal opinions and problems to the school district without following proper protocol and procedures. Please, don’t judge the whole by the actions of a few.

Carol Warden


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