A clear example for the need of the Second Amendment can be stated in one word:


Civil authority here has abrogated its duty to the citizenry and has allowed a section of one of the nation’s most prominent cities to be taken over by rogue political factions where laws are broken with impunity, protection of personal safety and private property are absent, and free speech is only allowed where it fits this community’s narrow social justice narrative.

Seattle’s city council has justified and defended this behavior through inaction – and in some places in participating -- coupled with undermining the authority and public support of its established law enforcement.

Looking toward this example, citizens in Idaho and in other parts of the country have mobilized with their presence and their firearms to gather in cities – including Lewiston and Coeur d’Alene -- to monitor protests and provide deterrence to acts of destruction, violence and unacceptable civil disobedience.

Some news outlets have come out against these armed citizen efforts, saying they are more disruptive than they are a benefit, and – in one instance – they would be better off bringing their bucks to spend downtown rather than brandishing their guns.

In an ideal world, we’d prefer these groups not have to take up arms and patrol city streets. While best-intentioned, these groups do not have the training, cohesiveness, discipline in use of force and leadership as police do. We hire on and invest our trust in police officers to know the law and exercise good judgment in its enforcement, in the investigation of crime and the apprehension of suspects in criminal activity. With an established, full time, 24-7 police force comes an oversight and accountability that is absent in a group of volunteer enforcers.

However, when the public officials we elect to provide service fail in their duties due to their moral cowardice, lack of backbone, or are social engineers more concerned with pushing political philosophies rather than doing the jobs they were placed in there for, then here is where our right to bear firearms is justified and warranted.

You don’t want these armed groups in your town? Then, city officials, grow a backbone and do your job; protect your communities through proper – and supported -- law enforcement presence. Otherwise, don’t expect citizens to sit idly by as your inaction allows for disorder and crime to destroy the lives and properties of the communities they love and call home.

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