Supporting local, small businesses is more important now than ever. With the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses are among the hardest hit. Reasons? They do not always have the ability to social distance due to space constrictions, they may not have an on-line presence to continue with sales in times of shutdowns, and they do not always have the overhead and financial security to carry them through the toughest of times, let alone the employee base to carry on if someone ends up sick.

Our small businesses give character and uniqueness to our area. They add color and cultures to our communities.

Purchasing from small businesses is not only good for those owners and keeps their doors open, it also allows the shopper to obtain distinctive, one-of-a-kind products not found anywhere else.

Then there’s the social side to supporting mom-and-pop and local proprietors. The people we interact with are the people within our own backyards and neighborhoods. The people with whom we build relationships that foster not only continuing and future friendships, but also important core partnerships, volunteer opportunities and liaisons helpful to both parties, as well as the entire community.

When we buy local, we make a statement with what our dollars buy, choosing to have a tax base in our towns, and keep money in our own communities, including our schools, churches and organizations. Studies have shown that approximately 80 cents on every dollar spent in small business is circulated back into the community. In addition, small business owners are more likely to donate to local projects and activities than are big box stores.

Small businesses are important for the local economy and are the fabric of our communities. Let’s continue to support our local economies this holiday season.

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