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Idaho citizens have the voter initiative process as a tool to have a say in their political system and in shaping public policy. Two bills before the Idaho Legislature propose to change the state’s voter initiative process; one to improve it, the other to encumber it.

Crash was reported on U.S. Highway 95 at milepost 135. Whoops. That should have been 235.Five miles south of Grangeville, by the way.Sorry about the mistakes. The reporter was “de-thawing.” Oh, that’s more of a slang term and kind of nonsensical.

If it sounds like we’re harping every year to “shop local,” it’s because we are. That’s because we know what it’s like to be a small business that relies on the support of the community to employ its people.

Neighbors helping neighbors: One of the great things about living in rural communities is folks’ readiness to jump up and assist those in need. That compassion and concern is exemplified in our emergency medical technicians – EMTs – who are being recognized as part of National EMS Week, May 19-25.

Our men and women in the military serve and sacrifice to protect not only the values Americans hold dear, but to protect current and future generations. So, it is ironic that those same individuals – injured as a result of that service -- are not supported by our nation to assist them in bri…

Governor Little has an exciting opportunity to take fresh eyes and innovation into addressing a long-standing problem concerning marijuana, make a policy that reflects the values and desires of its residents, and lead the nation in how this substance should be handled.


Recently the Moms Demand Action group formed in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, which, according to news reports, is advocating to prevent unintentional firearm deaths among children by educating parents and gun owners about responsible gun storage.

Meetings are most often the drudgery we make of them. It’s time we reinvent how we conduct these to make them more informative, productive and better attended.

When purchasing local, you are essentially supporting yourself and your family. Repeat studies have shown that your local businesses give back to their communities at a far greater percentage than do national chains.

Idaho County is second to none in how it honors and recognizes its veterans; not just on holidays, but every day. It’s easy to be reminded of this during commemorative events, such as Veterans’ Day.

Idaho voters on Nov. 6 will be deciding on Proposition 2, Medicaid eligibility expansion. As part of the voters’ decision-making process, the Idaho County Free Press has compiled guest opinions and press releases from the past few months concerning the proposition.

Silly to ask? A waste of time, tax dollars? We’ve heard this referenced to advisory votes and the fire district formation being posed on the Nov. 6 ballot, and we’ll have to say we strongly disagree. Yes, the results are significant, but more importantly, raising such questions forces the community to engage in and dialog on issues it may otherwise ignore or sidestep.

Oh, the days. Halloween night is the only time it’s universally accepted to beg strangers for handouts. And it’s a fun time for kids to play dress-up and be someone or something else for this exciting evening. Yes, and then adults put their social politics baggage into the mix and screw up yet another fun time.

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