Editorial: Speed zone

I’ll try not to smile when a raised eyebrow asks me, “why would you buy a newspaper?”

It’ll happen. I know so because people have been inquiring about the health of the Idaho County Free Press for as long as I’ve worked here.

It’s the perfect opportunity to remind people that the national drum beat of “print is dead” is not a rhythm to which your local news outlet dances. Or Amazon, for that matter. I’m curious to know their percent increase in toy sales after the publication of their first printed catalogue.

There are real struggles to running a business. I won’t act like I am more acquainted than most of the local businesses here, but I’m no stranger.

The Internet has changed how people are getting their news, and how businesses prefer to advertise. Investing in intangible solutions as opposed to tangible materials, results and leads. It’s also changed how people shop. Idaho County’s main streets will never look the same. Local businesses are stretched, and our once thriving economies feel the pressure.

While these are all real worries, I refuse to believe that this newspaper, our local businesses and this county will just dry up and cease to exist.

Because they won’t.

Your local newspaper has been adapting and modernizing to keep up with consumers’ changing needs. We’ve invested the time and the money to seek the best ways to reach and inform our audience and help discover solutions for local businesses.

Our subscription model remains strong because we have a loyal readership that seeks the local content we produce. Our diversified revenue streams have been successful because the resolutions we found for local businesses have produced results.

The truth is, unless everyone in Idaho County completely stops caring about what’s happening with their local government, economy, schools, communities and neighbors, we aren’t going anywhere.

Seems like a pretty safe bet, buying a newspaper. Especially one with a team that’s been dedicated to continuing a 133-yearlong legacy.

I love to talk about all things advertising and newspapers, so ask me. But I can’t promise I’ll answer you without a grin.

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