Enough seriousness now. Border Days starts this week.

All that political chaos and controversy? It can wait. The family drama is a little harder to put on the back burner, but we can agree to drop the temp to low for a few days, right? Work will still be there in a day or two, as will the bills, that medical appointment and that critical decision to opt for the full Netflix plan.

Tomorrow has its own concerns.

But this week? Hey, take this time to literally wind down. There’s lots of busy fun this week, stuff to participate in, and stuff to just sit in the shade and watch others being busy. Catch a rodeo, watch a parade, decide to finally participate in the egg toss, light sparklers, or better yet, grab some friends and find a quiet corner of the park (heck, we have four great ones here in town!) to just catch up. The pool is open, so get the kids passes. All you gear heads, hit the auto show so we can talk about how good cars used to be, right?

You have our permission to make bad eating decisions, put your keto diet in jeopardy, and grab that obscene plate full of fries, a cheesy Lions burger, funnel cakes or better yet, make some ice cream at home.

Yeah, we’re funny to big city folk for it, but we have three parades. Find your shade early, set up cover and wave to the rodeo queens, Smokey Bear, and beware of water fights with the reunion floats. Each day you can stand up, remove that hat and respect the flag; pass that respect on by example to all the kids around you. Honor those who pass by, whether veterans, EMTs, firefighters, and the many volunteers on all these floats who make this community a better place to live.

Community festivals are an important time for all of us to celebrate, to be festive, and set aside the social and political baggage that burdens us most the year. Take the next three days and let that tension go, replace it with some fun.

Happy Fourth of July and Grangeville Border Days, from all of us at the Idaho County Free Press.

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