Marie Smith retires

For a little throwback, here’s a column of Marie Smith’s from Jan. 24, 1990.

After more than 40 years as a Lowell/Syringa News correspondent for the Idaho County Free Press, Marie Smith is retiring.

Although we are sad to see her go, we think she does deserve a break.

Marie and her husband, Mike, Sr., are making the 25-mile journey and moving to Kooskia.

Mike and Marie Smith, and their two young sons, Mike, Jr., and Marty, arrived at Three Rivers Resort in Lowell in July of 1976. Just less than two years ago, the Smiths retired.

Nearly the entire time the family ran the resort, Marie regaled Free Press readers with her stories of life on the river. This included several accidents on U.S. Highway 12, rock slides, moose crossing the river, kids playing football and attending clown college, many celebrity guests (never named during their stays), raft trips of big companies and small families alike, a Three Rivers van in the river, cabin cleanings, lifesavings, visits from people in “Strangeville,” reports on the MERMS (granddaughters) and Max (grandson), pets, residences, parties, businesses and everything in-between.

Marie’s column has been an excellent example of what small-town news encompasses. The school board meetings and forest fires are important, sure; however, it’s the investment in our neighborhoods and the lives of its people – the everyday goings-in – that is at the heart of a community newspaper.

We will miss Marie’s sense of humor and firsthand news from a far corner of our county. Be sure to read Marie’s final Lowell/Syringa News column in this week’s paper.

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